Sunday, June 04, 2006

benefit vs exhibit

"It's almost like there's a record full of incomprehensible bullshit playing in your mind 24/7, and you put the needle down randomly and whatever it picks up, you just type it up..." Maddox, The Pest Page in the Universe.

Let's up hope that this is decisively not how you and I write up our blog posts, just typing up any random thing that pops into mind. For that is not a blog. That's an online diary or digital journal. It's not a blog.

Any blogger knows that blogs are for posting information and proclaiming opinions, from the private to the professional.

Blogs are not "Dear Diary, I did this today."

Blogs are "Hello everyone, let me help you do this today."

Blogs are "Hurry everyone, this must be attacked today."

Blogs are "Help me, someone, to understand this today."

Blogs are "Hey anyone, what do you think of this today?"

Blogs can provide real value to our lives when the blogger makes us laugh, excites our curiosity to learn, helps us understand a different point of view, or shows us how to do something useful.

Self in expression only services self, ego at low tide, and grows in shadows, a mossy moist missing, reductive, anecdotalized, delusional, a polluted mirror of gastrophobic flamboyance.

You either think of what your readers can benefit from...or you think of what you wish to exhibit to your readers. Is the offer of self of greater value than the absorption of skill?

Benefit vs. Exhibit: -- In our blogs, at least, we hopefully remain forcibly present, while mostly invisible, quieted down, misty, reluctant to "say too much" and thereby communicate nothing at all.

We need a bit of both, I suppose, Benefit and Exhibition.

But when we exhibit excessively, the gazes tire and get worn out, jaded, jejune, undernourished, like bald tires rolling sleepily down the asphalt stretched out like eternal lanes to nextuarities.


carrie said...

you make a good point, an interesting point.... BUT... do you honestly think that there are only certain blogs that are legitimate and YOU are the one who knows the criteria for that?

steven edward streight said...

Yes, I do think that certain blogs are legit and others are pseudo, vanity, or non-blogs posing as a blog.

It's like a radio station. Most suck because they play playlists, not what the DJ really likes or would want to play.

At first, radio stations were great. Later, underground AM and FM stations were born, to provide variety and album play.

But the clones grew and filled the airwaves. Soon, all rock stations sounded the same, playing the same 30 songs ad nauseum.

Because people did not protest, armed with definitions of what a radio station should be, they got away with it.

Today, we say "150 channels, but nothing to watch" of TV.

Will the blogosphere end up like radio and TV and all the other media that goes stale with similarity and trivia?

I keep asking the question: what the hell are we doing? what direction are we headed in? can there be good ideas to latch hold of?

You and I debating this is a very good thing for the blogosphere. You are the only person I know who could do it, advance a more personal blogging methodology.

Perhaps I'm goading you to do so, for the benefit of our readers.

carrie said...

you have a really long

steven edward streight said...

I will someday attempt to display what a sidebar movie can be, where there's a cross-stream to the daily blog post content, a slanted tingle burning on the edge of the margin, with a story unfolding as you scroll at any speed, and then my sidebar may go on and on for however long a full-length movie goes on for.