Saturday, June 10, 2006

banned from an archived web page!

I got banned, not only from a live site a couple years ago, but from a cached page of the site, as archived by The Way Back Machine .

At The Way Back Machine, you can type in the URL of any blog or web site, and view what it looked like, the contents, from dates in the past.

This [blog title deleted] was the first blog I ever visited regularly, and just about the only blog I posted comments on for about 6 months.

[Blogger name deleted], by his example, taught me all about hardcore blogging and blogocombat, right in his controversial blog.

It's where I learned blogocombat, first against [blogger's name deleted] foes, then, at the very end, against the blogger, my trainer, himself.

It was a theology blog, and the blogocombat was intense, with trollers, lurkers, and flamers getting crushed on a hourly basis. I was awash in endless volleys of brutal clobberings and ideology demolition explosions.

I hatefully attacked anyone who attacked my little mentor.

At times, I "took over" his blog, and got scolded for it, too. But I ascended to the position of #1 commenter by volume. I posted more on his blog than he did, and often I was the only one to comment on a post, or the only one carrying a battle all the way to the bitter end in an argument thread.

That's back when bloggers were all tough, dangerous, superhuman. Back when you could type loudly and hysterically at someone for weeks, and yet consider them to be good friends, honorable debate opponents.

But one day, I could see my guide fizzling out, drained emotionally by the collisions and invasions in his blog, he lived in his blog, and the walls were caving in from continuous bombardment. He got so nutty, he, I claim, invented a fictional comment poster, who complimented his every utterance.

It was bizarre.

To sink so low, you invent a fictional character, just to create the appearance of a reader who posts comments that support your opinions and appreciates your observations.

Anyway, such was my accusation. I posted a comment, finally, when I could stomach it no more: "Why did you feel you had to invent Annie, to applaud your posts, even the ones that depict your hostility to the female gender?"

See? That was the dead giveaway: this "Annie" post an approving comment, with an animated happy face character clapping happily, to his post where he was bitching about women in general. Not just "yeah some girls are like that", but much more, excessive praise, not natural.

So I got banned from even viewing his blog, about an hour later.

I practically made his blog, and yet: I got kicked out.

Later, in his "Farewell to Blogging" speech, the final post on his blog, which I was able to read only much later in a Way Back Machine archive, this blogger, who has had the biggest influence on me of any blogger since, he admitted to his life becoming so messed up, his sanity and his physical survival were now in question.

Fine, I thought. But do you have to be an assneck about it?

So, when I went to The Way Back Machine, that registry or museum of old versions of web sites, you can even see earlier designs of Vaspers the Grate there, here's what I encountered, not in all the archived pages of his blog, but in one archive, I believe it was the September 2004 archive:


Your site/browser or robot has been banned from access to this site.

This can happen for several reasons:
  • Using a spambot or other malicious bots that have been placed on our ban list.
  • Trolling or otherwise generally annoying behaviour that takes up our bandwidth needlessly.
  • Using an offline browser or a nonstandard browser with no identity. We block offline browsers in order to conserve bandwidth. If you were using an offline browser, you must use a traditional browser (IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, etc.) in order to view the site. We apologize for this inconvenience, but it is necessary to cut down on expenses.
All attempted access to this site is logged.

If you feel this ban is in error, you must contact the site administrator by accessing the site using a normal browser, and use our Contact Form to see if the issue can be resolved.

Otherwise surf elsewhere and bother somebody else.


A nasty error message?

A rude banned notice?

From an archived web page, a directory of a now defunct blog's own archives?

Poor mean old Vaspers: flamed by an error message from an extinct site! Banned by an non-existent blog! That has got to be a First...right?

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