Friday, June 23, 2006

Avant Israeli music: Her Highness

Avant garde Israeli music artist Her Highness (also known as Major Keez, the name of her toy organ) is my discovery of the weekend.

It's at Birdsong Records. Scroll down when you arrive at the page, you'll see two Her Highness albums you can download FREE. Love this lollipop-punk, bubble-electro sound.

I found this material by clicking on Roy Chicky Arad's embedded site link in a comment here. I also downloaded and listened to The Unnecessary Revolution, which is very nice soft rock, but not as experimentally strange and interesting to me as Her Highness.

The pop stylings of Her Highness belong to the lo-fi DIY category of Recommended Records, WFMU, It's War Boys, L. Voag, Amos & Sarah, Eddie the Rat, The Residents, and such. Great lilting melodies, odd vocalizings, good beats, a general aura of murky beatnik synthesizer cookies and grape juice parties on Mars.

Will be exploring this site more and reporting my findings.

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