Tuesday, June 27, 2006

6 more Camouflage Danse mp3s

Camouflage Danse (1983-89), me and Bennett Theissen (vocals) formed this art band, we played in New York for a few years.

So, here are some more of our songs, as FREE mp3 downloads:

(1) "Blue Tuesday" (live at Gas, NYC) [3:21]

Our imitation New Order song, based loosely and remotely on their "Blue Monday" song. I'm on synthesizer. flange phase guitar.

(2) "The Magic Sword" (live at WGAF, NYC) [4:07]

Close to a real "song", this was our seedy bar period, but the joint was only right around the corner from where me and Bennett lived, on First Avenue and 13th Street, East Village, NYC. I play high-note screech guitar.

(3) "Dead Cats for Judy" (live at Gas, NYC) [2:06]

Short intro to a work that was performed at Gas, a gas station in NYC that had been converted to a night club, with huge industrial sculptures on gigantic springs, that bounced around, up and down, when you pushed them.

(4) "CTI" (live at Gas, NYC) [3:32]

The best song from that Gas performance. I'm on synthesizer.

(5) "Rimbaud & Me" (live at NoSeNo, NYC) [5:40]

Noisey, messy intro to "Poodles of Hell" which is possibly the most violent vocal performance in rock history. What this sluggish, flangey warm up produces is quite barbaric and rare. The analog delay screams in the next song are truly spine-tingling. I'm playing a Casio keyboard through a series of effects pedals. R. Dee Lloyd is on Synsonics drum pads.

(6) "Poodles of Hell" (live at NoSeNo, NYC) [3:04]

Pure punk electro minimalism, accompanied by the shock value of the most violent vocal performance in rock history. You have never heard anything quite like this. Bennett does all the vocals in Camouflage Danse, and here he lifts off into space.

* * * + + * + + * * *

Please let me know if these all download okay and sound good.



orzak said...

oh my gosh. you guyes really were out there. this is getting sick. too much electro chaos freakiness with good beats and weird guitar insanities.

good song lyricsand sings.

loveyou too,

orzak the sound mushroom

Anonymous said...

you suck Cam dan

--a bick co

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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steven edward streight said...

Randy Primm sent me this via email:



i did in fact receive your most recently mailed (to me, at least) cd, "the void blue human."

thank you.

however, i have to confess that i haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. apologies. you see, it arrived the very weekend my friend and his band went into the recording studio (american federation of musicians' facility in hollywood - HUGE place - 24 track, G4 direct to disc, the whole shot) and the subsequent reordering of personal pc.

i have been helping out trying to mixdown a decent release for the boys, and it required that i steal all kinds of stuff off the internet, and a basic reconfig of my computer. it took a lot of time, and i even Failed to Post to my blogs.

that stuff is over (for the moment) so i might have a few minutes to actually kick back and listen to your offering with the justice i'm sure it deserves. perhaps i shall be motivated to write a real Review for public consumption.

any thoughts on where one might post such an article?

thanks again, and keep on blogging.



Anarchy is better than no government at all

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steven edward streight said...

"the void blue human" ?

That old thing?

The cool kids are listening to "Galaxies Who Shaped Our Knowledge" CD by CompuMusik.

And the 12 or so mp3s by my old band Camouflage Danse. Put 6 More up today.

Thanks for the compliments. You need steel and stellar ears for it.

Searching now for a Net Label to distribute all the mess of my music, past and future.

Next up: "I'm Passing Through Rubber Mirrors" CD by CompuMusik.


Hell, I just create music on Audacity, using mulititude of tracks, then use Normalize and other filters to boost or mute a sound path sector, pan the Right and Left Channel bias per track, then export to iTunes as WAV file, and burn a CD of it.

Takes about 5 minutes to mix, export, and burn an album.

steven edward streight said...

A good band should release one new album every month, minimum.

carrie said...

but nobody has any TIME!where do you get yours?

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: time for what?

Nobody has time to make a new album every month? I only takes a few days for a good musician to make an album.

I know this for sure. Regardless of how "good" a musician ppl may think I am, I have had some very positive responses. So, going by that flimsy anecdotal evidence, I guess I am a musician, and as a musician (for my entire life actually, toy guitars as a baby, etc.)...I say it again: fast creativity is possible, and is being done.

Time to listen to it all?

Uh, no. There is not enough time in the whole universe for anyone but God to hear all the cool music being made by Nurse with Wound, Stereolab, The London Apartments, Stars in Coma, Rene Vis, Nuclear Forehead, Camouflage Danse, The Fiery Furnaces, Die Trip Computer Die, Caroliner, Chenard Walcker, Roy "Chicky" Arad, Her Highness, the Uberkids, Paper Airplane Pilots, Chocolate USA, Coastal, the Rivulets, Eddie the Rat, Alvin Curran, Morton Subotnick, Chauchat, etc.