Friday, June 09, 2006

31 new tips on writing a blog post

31 new tips
a blog post:

(1) Think...deeply...before you write.

(2) Talk...frequently...about the idea or opinion, before you write.

(3) Consider reading two or three posts by other bloggers on the subject, to have something to agree or differ with, if you can't think of your own, spontaneous angle on a topic of interest.

(4) React to something you saw on TV about blogs, bloggers, or MySpace predators.

(5) Take a stand on some issue that everybody's already talking about, not to grandstand and jump on a bandwagon with empty rhetoric and prefab sloganeering...but to use the controversy as a launching pad for your agenda.

(6) Express your ideas and opinions in a confrontational manner, with a provocative post title.

(7) Numbers in post titles are good, because they instantly convey concision, brevity, order, organization, intelligence, quick reading, fast absorption, enhanced memorability, and substance.

(8) Vary your posts as to length: while blogs are good platforms for brief bursts of emotion or insight, some longer essays now and then, with a sidebar link to a defining category, like "Controversial Articles", will add value to your blog.

(9) Challenge yourself to do something new.

(EXAMPLE: It felt very exciting the first time I published a photograph in a post. It was even more fun to discover how to reduce photos and art to sidebar size images, and make these images clickable links to external sites.

If you need help doing ANYTHING with your blog, please email me or tell me in a comment here.)

(10) Link to substantiating sources in your posts, other sites or blogs that are authorities on your topic, like a university or government agency.

(11) Post an instructional how-to, step-by-step article on some skill you have, especially if it deals with blogs or computers.

(12) Spend a whole day or several, learning about malware, viruses, network security, web services, Web 2.0, CSS, HTML, digital imagery, web design, email writing, safe surfing for children, or some other valuable information, and then write what you learned, or are even still confused about, as a post.

(13) Invent the title first, then just fill up the post with whatever you can think to say, briefly, about it.

Like write "16 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts" with links to the products. Or "7 Ways to Graphically Enhance Your Blog" with step-by-step directions. Or "3 Things I Learned at Doc Searls Weblog". Or "9 of the Best Blogs in the Blogosphere" with links to, and brief commentary about, each blog.

(14) Write about an episode or aspect of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" show.

(15) Write about your opinion of one of Dr. Phil's remedies for a troubled guest.

(16) Write about something that happened in your career path, that would astonish, warn, or amuse your readers.

(17) Write about the characteristics your favorite blogs have in common.

(18) Quote another blogger, part or all of a post at their blog -- add your own commentary or analysis.

(19) Quote a favorite or random passage from a book -- add your own insight or summary of why it means something to you.

(20) Go to the library or bookstore, find a book that you loved as a child or a student -- quote a passage -- add your own reflections and observations.

(22) Go down your blog's blogroll and visit a blog you list, but have not seen in a while. Quote something from their post -- add your own remarks and reactions.

(23) Ask your readers what they'd like you to blog about.

(24) Publish a 2 to 5 question email interview with some other blogger who can tolerate your questioning.

(25) Publish a photo of yourself, only distorted with graphic effect filters, and tell your readers you're being transformed into a Post Historic Membrane Bluster. Ask for sympathy and link reciprocity.

(26) Take the goofiest post by a blogger you dislike or disagree with, and write your own parody of it, linking to the original.

(27) Write something about the history of blogging, from 1992 Tim Berners-Lee's "What's New" page to MySpace, with your own slant or viewpoint on the highlights or benefits of blogging.

(28) Explain to new bloggers how to do some basic things that veteran bloggers take for granted, like sidebar enhancements, RSS, or comment spam prevention.

(29) Write about why you started blogging, and what keeps you going at it.

(30) Rave about some new blog you discovered, with images from it, and link to it. Email the blogger to tell them you are promoting them.

(31) Read some A List, high traffic, or authoritative expert blogs, perhaps by famous authors or celebrities, then write your thoughts about some aspect of the blog, or something you read there.

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