Monday, May 29, 2006

your blog is a book

You a blogger? Then you're writing a book, though it remains for time to tell whether it's any good or not.

What's the difference between a blog and a book? Not much. The disciplines are similar.

I'm not saying you should convert your blog into a print version with hard covers and dust jackets. Some bloggers do.

I try to make each post I publish as perfect as possible. Then, if I someday turn Vaspers The Grate into a book, containing my best, most popular posts, there won't be a lot of editing or revising required.

Your daily posts are like journal entries, and each post could also be considered a chapter. In the spirit of postmodernity, that old fashioned fad that died in NYC in 1983, we can say that there is disorder rampant in the mess.

I mean: if you print out your entire blog, like I do (printing each post as I publish it), you might decide to staple the posts together in a different order than they were originally published.

Post Secret is perhaps the most famous example of a blog being a book, becoming a book, that blogged its way into becoming a print version sold in bookstores.

We must honor and study this marvel of blog work. The sheer genius, the unequaled zeal and ease of the project, the uncanny lack of, er, anything, beyond just setting up the blog, and laying out a few rules and legal notices, I suppose.

Here's a blog that had little to no writing by the blogger, and its one of the most successful blogs in history. You know next to nothing about the blogger.

This super successful blogger does NOT express himself.

He stands back and lets others express themselves.

He's gained fame by letting others be famous, though anonymous. Post Secret's blogger is not an author, nor a designer (since the contributors make their own art to accompany their secret written on a post card they send to the blogger of Post Secret).

Think of your blog not as [always functioning as] YOUR platform to express every niche and cranny of your private musing, your dreary surroundings, your uneventful mundane life. Unless you can, through hilarious or eccentric writing style, make even trivial, normal matters sound funny, like Seinfeld.

Rather, try to see your blog as YOUR READERS' platform to interact with, by posting comments at, your series of daily proclamations, whether personal or business oriented. See your posts as mere talking points, ice breakers, forks in the road.

Your life itself is like a book, with each day being a new chapter. Your thoughts, important as they are, are like footnotes. The real action is what you do, what others do for or against you, and how you react, retaliating or making amends.

Your blog is a textual/graphic mirror of you: your life, or your company, or your product, or your cause.

As such, your blog functions as an ongoing record of what transpires: in your private environment, in your industry, in your progress as a firm, in your advancement as a consultant, etc.

A coherent sequence of events, embodied in language, typed into the digital effluvium of the blogosphere, is, for all intents and purposes, a book. Even if you never print out your blog, even if you never publish any of it in a print version as a book, your blog is still very book-like.

You may have thought you could never in a million years "write a book". But look at you now. You write a chapter every day, in your perpetual work-in-progress, your blog. A blogger and an author share much in common: you both discipline yourselves to write something every day. You, for blog euphoria. The author, for publisher's deadline.

It probably wouldn't hurt to start thinking of your blog as a book. And who knows? maybe someday, you really will take some posts and re-organize, reformat, revise, expand upon them, or merge them, into a book that will be a best seller.

My main point is: your blog may come back to haunt you, in a good way!

What chapter are you adding to your blog/book today?

Will it merely record a random reverie, or will it contain real value (comedic, instructional, spiritual, economic, artistic) that can benefit or inspire your readers?

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