Friday, May 19, 2006

the void blue human ships in a few days

Chenard Walcker "Gaspatxo"


carrie said...

okay, that gaspatxo video was well worth watching. thank you for sharing that. i am going to put it on my blog, too. it is pretty darn frickin' cool.

those seemed like small onions.

have you ever had that to eat? it seems kind of gross and a lot of work!

steven edward streight said...

It figures, the one video that I had the most doubts about, though I like and admire greatly the great musical genius Chenard Walcker, who even posted a comment here at VtG a few months ago, that this video would be the first to get a positive reaction.


At freesamplezone dot com, you can find several albums of Chenard Walcker and his various bands The Sand, The Socks, etc.

I think Chenard also has free net releases on Comfort Stand site.

He uses cut and paste, sampling, and original sounds I suppose. Some of the best music, much of it is in French, and it's ALL as far as I can tell FREE. All those mp3s on Free Sample Zone, and it's not just excerpts, it's mp3s of the entire songs, entire albums.

Gaspatcho soup I have never had.

This video is a "mash up" in that it mashes a recipe and a music to a video presentation.

carrie said...


well, thanks for all that info. i think i'll check it out because i did like that music and the video and it's cool that you know so much about this stuff.

steven edward streight said...

There's actually an entire album by Chenard Walcker, called "Gaspatxo", available for free legal download.