Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the void blue human CD, yours FREE

"the void blue human" CD by Steven Streight CompuMusik is now available for shipping, and in keeping with the Anti-corporate Music Distribution Revolution, this professional music CD is FREE.

Just email me a P.O. Box or land address to mail it to, and I'll get it to you.

I consider this my magnum opus, the culmination of disparate tastes and lopsided perfectionism. If you like science fiction film soundtracks (Forbidden Planet, 2001: A Space Odyssey, etc.), you may enjoy this sequence of electronic computer noise concertos...based on refined sampling techniques, precision cut & paste, and disturbing sonic filters.

You will hear sounds you never dreamed possible. Makes great background music for computer work, blogocombat, and poetry writing.

From the CD liner notes:

Steven Streight (composer) uses Audacity freeware for CompuMusik.

Streight was co-founder of art band Camouflage Danse of NYC (1980-89). CompuMusik was performed and recorded in Peoria, Illinois. Made in the USA.

This is publicly available CD #3, released May 10, 2006,
containing 9 noise concertos, and entitled "the void blue human".

The only musical instrument used was a plastic musical snowman bubblegum dispenser toy (Hilco Corporation, 2004).

Other CompuMusik CDs: "Christian Noise Metaphysics"
and "Assorted Sound Confusions".

CompuMusik: "Ambient sludge for interplanetary infotainment."



1. burnt diode (0:15)
2. message from outer space (12:41)
3. infinitude (7:58)
4. floximizer - power mix [for Stereolab] (7:45]
5. nice day in the moon tomorrow (7:39)
6. rays of clean living (14:48)
7. discontinuum (8:53)
8. unnatural noise (9:07)
9. de-filibration (8:48)

NOTE: This time, it's not "ragga junglist" music, like I featured prominently on "assorted sound confusions". My CD "the void blue human" is far less melodic, virtually beat-free, and will annoy and disorient traditional rock/rap/techno musicians.

This is sonic environment experimentation, ala trippy hippy electronics, and *not* sleepy new age, boringly slow progression, minimalistically trite, three-chord synthesizer sloth-synth.

Request your FREE copy on archive quality Maxell MusicPro CD-R...

...email me today.

It's what all the cool kids should be listenting to!

It's your way to be cooler than the cool kids!

Make the cool kids jealous of your advanced musikal tastebuds! with/th.voi.blu.huma.!


The Sand Monster said...

You must request CD now! Or me will make toothpicks of your bones!

Harry Potter Assassination Squad said...

i got the other two CDs, and they are definitely "not of this world", nothing I've ever heard before.

makes me realize the possibilities of synthetic and concrete sound in recorded events, what he calls noise concertos.

if this new one is as good as the other two Compumusic cds, this will be a fine addition to any stereo lover's collection.

i want one, now. okay, vaspers? you already have me addy.

keep cape crunching, mate.

Detrimental Diode said...

don't know what htis whill sound lik, but his music is so crazy, it's good.

rebel bureaucrat cat said...

he has a crazy sound going on, and it's worth listening to, for sure.

abcd construction zone said...

Vaspers, you are a kooky composer, but there is something charming and mysterious about your sonic soups, which can be very tastey and satisfying, on many levels.

mr. amazing in reader's english said...

count me in! you're writing is not too shabby, so here's hoping you can bang out a tune or two, too.

hmph maestro said...

okay. send me one. will send email with land address. but this better be good, or you'll be wasting my time, mister. ha ha aah.

steven edward streight said...

is it music or is it "musik", a deconstructed slide that mis-marks a margin re-unrealizing itself?

I wonder like a fossil on steroids.

Rene Vis said...

Hi Steven,

Today I received your latest CD The Void Blue Human.

The best way for me to listen to your music is with headphones and eyes closed.

Your music is a great soundtrack for your imagination.

I on the other side of the planet just finished a third video, to my track "Back To Radio", speaking of a paradox.

It's placed on YouTube and this is the link. I'll put it on my own site later on this day.

On top of that, my second CD for WM Recordings is on the way.

Take care, so long