Thursday, May 04, 2006

the void blue human CD is done

My third publicly released computer music CD is now available and will be shipped within the next 14 days.

This CD contains a recursive rendering of an artful continuation of the private tradition of (1) cut and paste, (2) sample manipulation, and (3) computer sounds generated by an Audacity audio editor, which also provided the recording and WAV file conversion tool suite.

The result is somewhat similar to Lt. Caramel, Alvin Curran, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Die Trip Computer Die, Morton Subotnick, or the barbaric audio surrealism of 1950s radio/university tape studio composition style.

Dreary air organs reluctantly languish as the backdrop to a slowed swamp of pitch-shifted opiated voices as flanged flutterings slosh around omni-poetically. Much use of infinitized delay with no decay, and massively vast room reverb with no tail. Many new electronic noises not before heard by the human ear.

Fanatical avoidance of melody, rhythm, and lyrical "meaning" was strictly and sternly enforced!

Frightening, disorienting ambient sludge ... for dreamy, hazy Saturday mornings.

Steven Streight
"the void blue human
(9 electro-noise concertos)"

1. burnt diode (0:17)

2. message from outer space (12:43)

3. rays of clean living (14:50)

4. nice day in the moon tomorrow (7:41)

5. discontinuum (8:55)

6. infinitude (8:56)

7. unnatural noise (9:09)

8. floximizer [power mix] (7:47)

9. de-filibration (8:48)

TOTAL TIME = 79:11

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