Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tinbasher bolsters: Grasping Vaspers

"Grasping Vaspers" is the title of this post I magically transported from Paul Woodhouse's Tinbasher blog, and surgically let it invasively inhabit this otherwise blank post, for I (have nothing to) say: "Nothing!"

Gang of Four "To Hell With Poverty"

Yes, though, VtG is 2 years old this month.

I will celebrate my 24 month gruelling turmoil of enforced laborious blogging with a slew of music videos by some of the best bands that have ever existed, currently exist, or will ever in the future or in imagination exist.

The Fiery Furnaces "Tropical Iceland"

Grasping Vaspers
(w/Vaspers comment added)


Good old Vaspers has just hit his second birthday.

Now I think a blog is similar to a dog in that human years don’t necessarily count for the same when trying to age them.

May I suggest that one single, solitary year of blogging as measured by the Gregorian calendar equates to ten blog years?

You soon realise the original craft that is blogging soon makes way for the graft that is blogging until it becomes a discipline.

Back to Mr. Streight: Whilst I have quite a highly honed sense of blog morality, I have to say that I’m thoroughly indebted to Steven for keeping me on the streight (sorry) and narrow. The man has rarely ceased in his battle against the banal, the befuddled and the corporate clueless.

I regard him as something of a blog blood brother and something of a mentor.

In fact, I’m almost a little apprehensive of meeting or speaking to the fella in case it doesn’t somehow live up to the billing (although I’m quite sure it would).

So, in celebration of the fella’s hard work and unending gusto, I implore anybody who’s thinking of starting out in blogland and anybody who feels slightly lost in blogland to read his 20 insights from 2 years of blogging.

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1. May 19th, 2006 02:00

Aw shucks, you didn’t need to bolster me up that way up there above, greatly above, every other blogger who ever has or ever will live, until I am so exalted, worthily, contemptuously, above every other writer of any type of publication, above poets, above sacred scribes, above political speechifiers, above rap lyricists, above Aesop, above Allen Ginsberg, above Rimbaud and Dickens and Proust.

But thanks in case you’re right.

v[[-a,S;p/+E>r)S t;H'e %G,,r+aT^e


Suicide "Ghost Rider"

Mission of Burma "Dirt"

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carrie said...

have a blogtastic blog birthday