Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sphere, blog search engine

Sphere. The blog search engine.

Submit your blog to this new search engine.

Try using Sphere to look up blog posts on topics you care about.

Vaspers the Grate likes Sphere, so far.

I have the Sphere It! icon widget in my Firefox toolbar, so when I am reading text online, I can activate "Sphere It!" to search blog posts on the same topic.

[QUOTE--from About page]

What makes us better than other blog search engines?

There are over 30 million blogs, and counting.

With so many people reading, writing, and commenting on blogs (where do we find the time?), getting to the high-quality, relevant content on a timely basis is difficult.

For a variety of boring, complex technical reasons (such as an exclusive emphasis on freshness, or a simplistic computation of "authority" or the inability to identify spam), other blog search services deliver less-than-satisfying results.

Here's what you get when you use Sphere:

1 An easy-to-use, intuitive search engine.

2 Great search results, with posts ordered by relevance or time.

3 Customizable time frames (play with our custom range filter, the grokiest feature in our site).

4 Related mainstream media, books, photos and podcasts right next to the results for a complete picture of the conversation.

5 Profiles and stats for each blog listed.

And there's more!

You can use Sphere It! ,

our bookmarklet to find blog posts that relate to what you're reading on the Web.



carrie said...


hey, i currently have two videos on my blog now due to your earlier suggestion for my blog.

i am pleased with the results of this advice. sometimes i am slow to take advice. i have to get over the fact that it's someone "telling me what to do" first.

(a terrible character flaw--but i have many)

steven edward streight said...

All day yesterday, Sunday, I had no internet access, for some reason my Insight broadband was not connected, not working properly.

I will go look at those videos today. I thought of you first when I started experimenting with YouTube.

I think I'll put up a YouTube music video every Friday, as an entertaining diversion.

I never "tell you what to do", I just tell you what I'm doing and how to do it.

After all, we're inventing the future and others ought to be there, too. If they want.