Wednesday, May 24, 2006

pseudo blog: Blog Curry

Okay, you've heard me use the term "pseudo blog" and "blogoid object" with terrific scientific precision.

Now I shall toss one of the slimey things at you and see if you're tough enough to catch it as it oozes its putrid rotting sewage into the blogosphere.

[EDIT UPDATE: I want you to also notice how there is no About/Profile/Bio, no Contact, and no statement of purpose in this Pseudo Blog. No info about who the hell this is, and yet it's got the sheer gall to have a Register and Login function in the freaking sidebar.]

Blog Curry: A Global Mix of News and Views - And Dip!

Yeah? Dip this, dipshit.

I caught this blog perversion as I checked my Technorati radar, one of my tracking tools that I use to monitor what companies and individuals say about me, Vaspers the Grate aka Steven Edward Streight. Blog Curry had linked to one of my VtG posts four days ago. I

So I visit the crap ball "blog" and what do I see? I see a multitude of fragment posts, that's what. I got tired of scrolling through the endless postings of day after day, and actually gave up looking for the link to my own blog.

The tedious nature of this blog bored me to de-motivation.

All those damned fragment posts!

What's that tell you, fragment posts?

It tells you it's a Pseudo Blog, that's what.

Both the excerpted nature of the deck (the wording a print magazine or newspaper introduces the article with, summing up, the gist) "posts", which are NOT posts, and the numerous posts on each given day. No human writes even brief posts 30 times a day. It's a blogbot app, not a person, who is the "blogger" here.

Then I want you to look at the sidebar of this "blog" that is False.

See the category Contributors?

What is listed under Contributors?

Google Blog Search: US politics, for one. Then there's: washington post [dot] com

This blog seems to be an RSS feed/Google Search results blog, thus no blog at all. It's simply a software program pretending to be journaling news on American puh-luh-ticks.

I suspect that this "James B. Allen" is name of an alleged, fictional person who "blogs", but only via automated programs, he set up some syndication feeds, like parasites or vampires, to suck content off other blogs and web sites.

Why would anyone do this?

Think. You figure it out. Surely it's not rocket science to see what's going on. Think: drive traffic to other sites. Think: blog ad revenue. Think: slimey business model of mediocre loser asshole.

So now Google this: James B. Allen.

See what you come up with. I visited the Wikipedia site, and found this:


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James Allen is the name of:


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