Friday, May 12, 2006

modest mouse. buzzcocks. pavement. incredible string band.

Modest Mouse
"Wild Pack of Family Dogs" (2004)

The Buzzcocks
"Breakdown" (1976)

"Shady Lane" (1998)

Incredible String Band
"The Iron Stone" (LP-The Big Huge, 1968)


zafu said...

Well, I am a fan of the Buzzcocks. They are probably one of my favorite bands ever. But this was the first time seeing them onstage in any medium and it's a great little find. Thanks, vaspers dude.

The band looks ultra cool doing their thing. And of course, they sound great. What a great band.

By the way (nonsequitur following), Pete Shelley confessed a while back that he is bisexual, which puts a fun new spin on songs like "Lipstick" (especially when he dedicates it to Johnny Rotten on their live Entertaining Friends album) and "Raison d'Etre."

steven edward streight said...

well and fine, but perhaps yoyo pull my leg by not mentioning the fact that the video and the song are clashing, he's not singing the song you hear.

That's the punk aesthetic, do anything but what is expected and traditional, mess with everything.

Buzzcocks were a terrific band, and I owned a number of LPs by them. They had some big underground/college radio hits.