Friday, May 12, 2006

fun in the blogosphere

Can we use the blogosphere as a playground, as well as library of human foibles and foiled hopes? I mean, is the blogosphere only a boxing ring of blogocombat mixed with the cherub rub of hook-up site social romance networking?

Is the blogosphere, including pseudo-bloggery like MySpace, and blogoid objects like Martha Stewart's personal home page, or blog-hybrids like Rate It All, and blog feeds like Digg and Lockergnome... this mish mashy mesh mess a place in which we may romp and play innocent tricks? Does God ever play tricks on the angels, or do things purely for the delight in the fun of it? Does technology?

Are you subservient to The Technological Imperative, which states that all things that can be made shall be made, and we must accept, adopt, [and addict ourselves to,] in an ongoing flurry of co-dependency?

Must we submit to The Will of Machine?

Someone asked, on Krishna Bhatt's blog "in" Nepal, Humour, why we keep inventing robots that will eventually be smarter than us. It's the ubiquitous mandate, isn't it? We must embrace stem cell research, Mars colonization, moon labs, Teflon, fiber optics, abortion, internet, atom bombs, wiretaps, surveillance cameras, fingerprint ID signatures in grocery stores (Cub Foods), dream record and playback units (my invention I'm working on)...

simply because we CAN.

So I say, "No." Let's not automatically rubber stamp our human approval on every single thing the machines, or other apparent humans seemingly using machines, want us to accept.

Let's safeguard some very human elements that need to be forced aggressively into the computer realm:

(1) fun

(2) ease of use

(3) cordial, candid, conversational interactivity

(4) positive surprise

(5) user-created, or co-created, content

(6) transparency of owner, operator, and intent

(7) failure, imperfection, de-regimentation

(8) wilderness, untamed nature, dis-enthrottled being

How To Have Fun
in the Blogosphere:

* post funny, but enriching, relevant comments at other blogs

* link to and describe blogs or blog posts that you think are comical

* publish humorous, satirical, or parody posts on your own blog

* make fun of yourself, be self-effacing, in a peculiar manner

* encourage others to lighten up and laugh

1 comment:

Paul Woodhouse said...

There'll be those who urge you to stick to the facts as humour can wind up be a very subjective experience.

In a way they're right as there's no such thing as universally funny.

But let's get it right - crack a gag or several and actually enjoy your blog and try and have a giggle.

You may alienate one or two and then again you may having one or two guffawing in the aisles.

Better to be understood by a select enlightened few than mildly tolerated by the masses.