Monday, May 22, 2006

dark truths of blogging: intro

monk: I saw His hand yesterday.

leader: Really? What was it doing?

monk: Moving against enemies.

leader: How wonderful!

monk: Tidying a few things. A few unmaskings and devarnishings. And later, writing.

leader: Writing?

monk: Yes. Typing into the digital effluvium.

leader: Not...No, you don't mean...

monk: Yes.

leader: B-b-blogging?!?!

monk: Affirmative.

leader: Through what blogger?

monk: Not a blogger, in a comment. But there are blog conduits that beam in the...

monk 2: Come now, Simeon! Time for contemplative gardening penance. The prayer bell rang over an hour ago. Did you not hear it? How is it you have forgotten your familiar obligations? What's all this babbling about now?

The New Pornographers "The Laws Have Changed"
Music vid uses Simon Stylites, the Pillar Dweller, as a theme, his temptation to indulge in worldly vanities and deceptive pleasures.

The New Pornographers "Twin Cinema" (live)

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