Wednesday, May 31, 2006

continued excitement about dull blog

I continue to be excited by The Dullest Blog in the World, which I periodically promote, having discovered it almost 2 years ago, in my early blogging days, as an example of jejune writing style, and ultra-realism sans emotion or personality.

To understand something bad, it's good to see the same thing, only worse. A blog needs a personality and a passion for something. But anything, including blogs, can also go nutty and be so eccentric, they're either genius or madness. Which is which?

Here, in The World's Dullest Blog, we have dead prose, scientifically precise and cold as a stethoscope, saying in three short sentences what most of us take countless paragraphs to proclaim. This extremity of brevity and machine-minded emptiness transfixes a star that boring people are already hitched to.

Hence, you can compare your writing for prolix excess and deficient passion, by comparing it unfavorably to this almost Anti-Blog writing style of The Dullest Blog in the World.

Is your writing this bland and blithe? Do you post what you ate for lunch today and how you feel about the reformation potentiality of approval addicts, as seen on Dr. Phil?

Does your life consist of far too many "normal" things, too much timid conservatism? If you're a business person, your success will depend on how quickly you shift into "weird mode", think creatively, be "different" at the drop of a competitor's hat.

By reading this unrefreshing blog, one may generate unexpected refreshment of one's own writing.

Thus, one may use this "dullest" (but most pithy) blog as a positive goalpost, a beneficent beacon illuminating, by stripping down to nothing, the error of corporate fluff text, the use of hyperbole to seem to say something simply by saying a lot (of nothing).

One of my favorite concision terses from Mr. Dull:


My knee had a slight itch. I reached out my hand and scratched the knee in question. The itch was relieved and I was able to continue with my activities. (dull, September 10)

| 10/09/2004 5:11 pm


It's a two-sworded edge, too sordid to hedge, what The World's Dullest Blogger is now doing to cartooning. He seems to be taking the dullest aspects of on/off line reality and rendering them in lines of drawn non-exuberance and dis-specialization.

Yet, in his dullness, there is the bright spot of what it fights against, and resolves in the conflict.

For example, notice the spirituality of the easy idea cartoon above. We wish we could click "Refresh" on the universe, or the world, or our personal life. If life could just be that stupid and simple. Buddha said the True Law that all things arise, suffer change, and pass away was the way the world "refreshes" itself.

Imagine what it might be like if nobody, from Adam or First Caveman, to you and I right now, had ever died, and never will die. Envision a world with all historical and obscure folks tromping around in your backyard, hitting you up for cash "loans", and bumming rides to non-existent job interviews.

What if Hitler, Mohammed, and Socrates lived a few blocks away? Elvis, Lennon, Hendrix? Sid and Kurt? Newton, Einstein, Nixon? Varese, Pasolini, Cocteau? Proust, Kafka, Joyce? Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira? Warhol, Picasso, Hemingway? Aesop, Horace, Cicero? Plato, Alexander the Great, Winston Churchill? Rimbaud, Mother Mary, Ussachevsky? Freud, Marx, Reagan?

Do you see what's wrong here, with everybody being alive and still here, nosing around and interfering with us younger crowdians?

Those old ideas would still be vocalized and repeated ad nauseum by all these fine fellows, no disrespect meant toward them, but their ideas would be hovering heavily in the intellectual atmosphere, totally physical clouds full of grouchy thunder and theatrical lightning shows.

Yes, my friend, there actually is a "Refresh" button for the universe. It's the True Law. The fact that all things, thoughts, theories, theologies, and technologies Arise, Change, Move On.

Yet the perennial philosophy of You Reap What You Sow and You Are What You Do, Think, and Dream...this remains in a pseudo-perpetuity we cannot fathom as finite losers, vaporous vainglorious temporalities.


carrie said...

you are brilliant.

steven edward streight said...

I just mailed you my new CompuMusik CD, "the void blue human."

Maybe you can use it to scare away window soapers on Halloween.

Thanks for being such a loyal blog ally for all these many many months. I value that very highly.