Thursday, May 25, 2006

Congress is another Enron

Man, I love it. Today the news is full of Justice and Truth winning the day, as they must.

The Enron crimnals, Lay and Skilling, are going to prison for 20 years. Now the monolithic Corporate Amerika is trembling, as they should. I hate those jurors who were "emotional" about the verdict, who were frigging weepy as the guilty verdicts were read. These bleeding heart jurors who were "pained" to deliver justice to the offenders, have they no tears to shed for the victims?

Crime must be punished swiftly and severely, or it spreads. But those who were pampered as children, those who were never spanked, never told "NO!", never given any rules or morals, these parasites weep for sadistic, life-wrecking criminals.

Now Congress is refusing to honor warrants, but lets the government invade the privacy of citizens. Both Republicrats and Demopublicans are whining about investigations into criminal acts of government jerks.

Even Instapundit , the conservative think tank blog, is sounding more anarchistic, in the refined sense of extreme cynicism toward all politicians.

Glenn Reynolds (the Instapundit blogger) seems to be withdrawing support from the Bush Administration and the Republican Party. He's proclaiming a dire need for a good alternative "third" party. But calling for a strong "third party" falls far short. I call for No Political Parties, in fact No Politics, period.

Congress is another Enron.

I think there may be a violent revolution in America. As a pacifist, I cannot participate in or advocate this bloody guillotine scene that I believe is coming. But I can cheer the ideals and goals of total transformation of the very fiber of America.

The people are quickly rising to the awareness that hugging a tree is better than lying to the American people about weapons of mass destruction, or blaming Mexicans for the fact that scumbag corporations hire illegal aliens, which motivates them to come over here illegally.

Burn, global warming baby, burn.

The fucking "Christian" TV network CBN (Pat "I refuse to wear a wedding ring" Robertson's hypocritical channel) made fun of Al Gore tonight, rather than discuss how spirituality means good stewardship of the environment, making the planet better for our children, and expressing love for all living things.

All institutions need to be destroyed...immediately.

All religions stink and their followers are evil.

Turn away from The Powers That Pretend To Be. Use blogs to attack hypocrisy. Use every means at your disposal to ethically, but aggressively, defeat wicked corporations.

I am attacking one corporation right now, and I'm going for the throat on this one.

This company may be totally destroyed by one severe measure I'm about to take. It's too early to tell today, but it looks like a certain corporation just a few blocks away from my house has been very, very naughty. And I am very, very angry about it. So I have launched a massive assault -- legal, ethical, and really nasty. But see, they deserve it.

All evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

I don't know how "good" I am, but I'm doing the best I can, in and out of the blogosphere, to fight mammonist Psycho-Capitalism and hideous Pseudo-Christianity. I have so many battles going on right now, it's quite exhilarating.

It's great to be alive and in combat for the integrity and justice of the world in which we live.

Oliver Wendell Holmes:

"Some persons may even at this late day take offense at a few opinions expressed in the following pages, but most of these passages will be read without loss of temper by those who disagree with them, and by-and-by they may be found too timid and conservative for intelligent readers, if they are still read by any."

-- The Professor at the Breakfast Table, Preface to the New Edition (1894)

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Mr Angry said...

I'm a comic geek as well as a crazy raving blogger. There was an excellent series of comics published about ten years ago, they were near-future SF, the lead character's name was Martha Washington and I think the first collection was called "Give me Liberty."

Your post made me think of them because the second collection is called "Martha Washington Goes to War" and revolves around a civil war/uprising in the US. Now you've made me want to go out and read them again.