Tuesday, May 02, 2006

blogosphere vs. humansphere

Doc Searls (May 1, 2006), in Thoughs in (or on) passing:

"Lately I've been suspecting that the blogosphere is a home improvement job on the humansphere."

The blogosphere is a community of blog sites that link to and quote each other. We see new text appear, depending upon the update frequency of a given blog. We do not know for sure that a human is behind the text that appears in the blog.

The humansphere is a community of people who interact with each other. We see new people appear, depending upon the population dynamics and immigration influx of a given locale. We do not know for sure that a computer can render the lives of these people in a personal blog with diarist posts.

We hope that blogging is therapeutic for those who express themselves. However, blogging can also make some already sensitive narcissists go over the edge into total myopic delusions of popular grandeur and hysterical self-disclosure maelstroms.

EDIT UPDATE: I don't think I sufficiently conveyed the fact that I really do hope Doc is right.

I quote his "blogs are emails to the world" all the time, everywhere, so now I'll probably be quoting this new statement "the blogosphere is a home improvement project on the humansphere" all the time, everywhere.


carrie said...

"total myopic delusions of popular grandeur and hysterical self-disclosure maelstroms."


CGHill said...

I guess it's a good thing I'm an insensitive narcissist, then.

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: you laughing is me dreaming.

CG: you start a blog and see what it's like to resist narcissistic urges in a blog...not necessarily easy, but always rewording.

carrie said...

so it's just a matter of manipulating words so that it SEEMS like you are not being narcissistic....

got it.

steven edward streight said...

Re-wording consciousness, at the very root.

To restructure the self so that it has no need to express its undisciplined outburstings, its pampered longings. So that it sees through the objects, and sees them as insubstantial.

Free of externalities, the self can then concentrate on helping others, rather than taking all it can get or steal or whine for.

Narcissism is sneaky and everyone has to be on guard against it. It's the falling in love with one's own reflection in the pool. The drowning pool.