Saturday, May 06, 2006

blogos fear

blogos = blog + logos/logike (techne)

blog = self-managed site of frequent, spontaneous, personalized web content (text, video, audio, art, music, etc.), and reader interaction channels, with ease of updating lending the blog platform to personal diarist, project collaboration, professional portfolio, private confessional, relationship networking, music promotion, art and photo display, corporate branding, membership communication, PR, political, and news/editiorial journalism applications.

[EDIT UPDATE 5-7-06:

Professional meaning: what is

(1) accomplished for a client or audience (user needs and intentions come first),

(2) with skillful, unified, focused finesse,

(3) using appropriate, effective means,

(4) in ethical manner,

(5) for measurable results.]

logos/logike (techne) = thought-word world of correct reasoning manifested in speech/writing.

***blogos fear*** = phobic reactions spawned by proximity and prolixity of candid, outspoken, strident, two-way conversations between a blabber-mouthed blog author and sympathetic, often embarrassed, blog participants (interactive audience, non-passive readers).

repressive governments, tyrannical religions, domineering corporations, unilateral media, manipulative politicians, and control freak individuals relish a relentless and colossal antagonism to blogs, bloggers, and blogging.

they hate our freedom, our open blogosphere, our refusal to bow to authority of any type.

blogophobes mock our accomplishments, the politicians destroyed, the nations in upheaval, due to the influence and persistence of blogs.

***blogos fear*** strikes deep in the heart of technophobes, luddites, and emotional anti-intellectuals.

we bloggers represent a growing protest against passivity, silence, conformity, tradition, and despair. they hate and fear our audacity, our beleagured endurance, our sharp-tongued dissidence. they hate our courage to say whatever we want, on a level playing field of internet communication.

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