Saturday, May 27, 2006

blogging skills set

Are you ready to blog? How you answer that question will determine if your blog succeeds in whatever metrics you set as its goal.

Here I provide a reliable list of some random qualities that I consider, from actual experience, and intense blogocombat, to be absolutely mandatory for a blogger. Before you even start a blog, you should settle on whether or not you've got what it takes. I'm not sure if I am cut out for it myself, but time will tell.

I think if you've been blogging pretty much daily for 5 solid years, then you're A Real Blogger. And not until then. I have only got 2 years in so far. I'm still an Infant Blogger, but the Blog Platform Itself is still just a lad, with a lot of growing up to do.

Are you cut out for the time-consuming discipline of frequent blogging?

Take this test and find out.

Blogging Skills Set
(or, What You Better Be if You Wanna Be a Real Blogger...)

NOTE: This list applies mainly to Business Bloggers, but can be creatively misapplied for Personal, Art, Hobby, or Musician Bloggers, too.

(1) Refined Writing Ability: As you write, so you think, and so you are.

(2) Deep, Original Thinking: A huge multitude of similar voices, what's so special about you? What makes you indispensable to your online audience?

(3) Inordinate Craving to Excel in All Things: Your blog evolves as your expertise increases.

(4) Over-achiever Workaholic Grandiosity: The harder you blogger, the smarter and more popular you become.

(5) Impeccable Moral Values: Keep it clean, polite, and humane, and the blogosphere will usher you into the kingdom you seek.

(6) Tolerance for Different Opinions and Passions: It's a global blog realm, with many languages, politics, faiths, and cultures. And best of all, different dinner recipes and folk musics.

(7) Curiosity about Others: Opinions, Beliefs, Methods, Faiths, Unfaiths, Political Agendas, Domination Systems, Powers That Pretend To Be, Fashions, Philosophies.

Why? ... because almost every blog veers off into tangents of this nature, no matter how "focused" your blog is on a specific topic or industry.

(8) Love of Ladylike/Gentlemanly Debate: Inviting every ideology to express its voice, encouraging and initiating lively Discussion and calm Explanation.

(9) Fortress-like Self Command: not easily angered, defeated, embittered, or offended.

(10) Passion: Genuine Enthusiasm for your product, company, industry, hobby, political agenda, religious cause, team project, or whatever it is you blog about.

(11) Interactive: Responding to and conversing with customers, the public, stakeholders, letting them honestly voice whatever they want to say, in comments at your blog.

(12) Fit: Physical and mental stamina to spend a minimum of 3 hours, an optimum of 8 hours, per day, on just writing blog posts, improving your own blog design and widgets, reading other blogs, commenting on other blogs, viewing stats and reports on blogs, inspecting lists of high traffic blogs, studying blogs that are more popular than yours, engaging in "slow chat room" live discussions with commenters.

(13) Ambitious: Willingness to excel technically. Eager to learn HTML, CSS, XML, Python, Ajax, Ruby on Rails, digital imaging, video uploading, and VoIP video chat/web conferencing skills to enhance and customize your blog.

(14) Secure: Understanding of comment spam and other malicious events, how to counteract and prevent them with character recognition, word verification, comment moderation, and even, in rare cases, site registration.

(15) Democratic/Responsive: Openness to criticism, suggestion, complaint, praise, warnings, exhortations, and questions from your blog readers...coupled with ability to respond to each comment within 24 hours maximum lag time.

(16) Writing Stamina: Ability to post a new entry to your blog every single day, or at least 3 times a week. Any less frequent posting converts a blog to a bulletin board that few will wish to interact with.

(17) Willingess to be the Writer/Blogger, Editor, Publisher, Reader Relations Department, Salesperson, Marketing Specialist, PR Strategist, and Webmaster...all rolled into one.


Humour and last laugh said...

So true. I too am a blog infant. Wish to grow but.

carrie said...

this is great.

especially great to share with people who ask "what is a blog?" or "what do you blog about?"....

there's so much more to it than someone might think at first glance.

that's why it bugs me when people insult other people's blogs like "your blog sucks!" that's just one opinion.

i think anyone can start a blog if they have the desire and their experiences will evolve.... my blog started out much differently than what it has become!

steven edward streight said...

I came in from getting ready to mow the grass before company arrives at the bungalow, and saw your comment in moderation.

I only delete Comment Spam, generic spambot comments that link to an irrelevant/commercial site.

Anyway, thanks, Carrie.

I've drastically reduced my online time due to neck problems, but will get over to Omnamaste shortly.

I keep striving to create good lists because ppl like lists and lists can be memorable, laughable, hit home, and summarize complex information for easy assimilation.

a_somjai said...

"I think if you've been blogging pretty much daily for 5 solid years, then you're A Real Blogger."

So it's a long way to be A Real Blogger.

But, anyway we love blogging. Guy!

steven edward streight said...

Yes, a_somjai, we do love blogging.

It takes at least 5 years to get pretty good at most things.

5 years experience on a job is just adequate to say you have, like, managerial, or sales, or IT, or accounting, or project team leader, experience.