Wednesday, May 24, 2006

blogging is war

Blogging is war against mind control, lethargy, selfishness.

Blogging is war against religions, governments, and corporations that try to force you to think and act according to their manipulations.

Blogs are individual war zones where you fight to express yourself, reveal truth, explain mysteries, share anecdotes, provide advice, proclaim warnings, give directions, offer instruction, present ideas, distribute inspiration, and display art.

You fight.

You work.

You engage in combat via debates and discussions.

You grapple with tough issues.

You seek understanding and wisdom.

You suffer discomfort as you struggle to express your self, your dreams, your ideals.

You experience defeat, embarrassment, strategic blunders, shame, regret, triumph, satisfaction, frustration...all the normal ups and downs of any writer or champion.

A blogger is just another type of writer, a new form of communicator, an aggressive social networker.

A blog has very little in common with a print diary or paper journal. But few media and marketing people have figured out how a blog differs from a notebook of poems, prayers, and perfumery.

Blogging is war...for democracy, freedom of speech, religious tolerance, radical beliefs, poetic individuation.

You fight to find something brilliant or funny or enlightening to say. You fight to stay current with new technology. You fight your tendency to quit, give up, and abandon projects. You fight the darkness of laziness and apathy, replacing it with the radiant work of typing as best you can.

The Angry Samoans "Time Has Come"

Biosphere "Hyperborea"


Newsandseduction said...

... What could the casualty of it?

steven edward streight said...


Do you mean what causes blogging to be combative, warring against government and religious oppression?

Or do you mean what are the casualties, who is wounded or dead, as a result of this intellectual battle?


Humour and last laugh said...

...out dated ideas? a process of survival?