Saturday, May 06, 2006

bloggers vs. normals

bloggers are only a tiny percentage of the human population.

blog authors and blog readers are only about 20% of web users. the number is growing, but still small.

more people watch television than read blogs.

more people listen to music CDs than read blogs.

more people text message than write blogs.

bloggers are still a murky, blurry minority of humans.

we bloggers are not normal humans, nor can we ever be normal, if we ever were, or planned to try to be, normal.

bloggers: non-normative.

we tend to be more aggressive, inquisitive, bold, mouthy, stubborn, confrontational, intellectual, and more technically experimental than non-bloggers.

non-bloggers are "civilians" that the blogger "militants" are attempting to inform and protect from cyber and grounded dangers.

bloggers are the avant core, the leading chorus of voices that are shaping human destiny through language, art, and audio displayed on computer, cell phone, or handheld mobile screens and heard in little speakers or headsets.

blogs are the new cave paintings.

bloggers are the word/sound/visual artists...and warriors...and theoreticians...of the new social democratic universal media.

bloggers are digital community anthropologists.

bloggers have little in common with non-bloggers, or normals.

normal human society seems bleak, simpering, and weak compared to the blogosphere, where blogocombat, blogoromance, and blogomysticism offer a wide range of cosmic responses to what is real in the realm of computerized mentality and global freedom revolution.

bloggers vs. normals: in what we eat, drink, think, read, listen to, write, and dream.

very few people write something spontaneous every day.

blogger--you do.

very few people think deeply about anything.

blogger--you do.

we are not normal.

we are bloggers.

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