Thursday, May 18, 2006

blogger vs. myspace

Spacemen 3 "Revolution"

I was, uh, talking with this lady, about blogging. She said she just started a MySpace "site" because her friend Don had one.

Immediately I understood the following considerations:

(1) She will refer to a published post as "blog", rather than, per blogospheric norm, using "blog" to refer to the site itself. To "create a blog" to a MySpacer means to publish a posted update. Confused?

(2) She will only use her blogging platform to "slow chat" with known friends [but will also link to friends of friends of friends, just be nosey about other people, which can lure her into dangerous shark infested waters] and to try to make her site cooler all the time.

(3) She will somehow be tangled up with local musicians.

I told her that you can do more and better with Blogger/Blogspot. I mentioned WordPress. I explained how I make my own digital artwork with Paint Shop Pro, and how I post an image, art or photograph, in nearly every post I publish. She thought that was nice.

She's excited about HTML and Copy/Paste operations. She enjoys Edit Layout and moving modules around (template tweaking).

We spoke of slide shows and sidebars, of Flogger and Frappr, and unwanted bulletins. One of her friends list friends is Mud Vayne, a local band (see, didn't I predict that?). In addition to this new MySpace site, she also has a personal web page at Geocitities.

She started a MySpace blog, not to express, promote, or employ herself, but because her friend Don has one. Do you see what's happening here? MySpace is a new way for friends and family to communicate. It's like an extension of email, only more of an audience, and a few other big differences.

I showed her print-outs of various POSTS (not "blogs") of Vaspers the Grate (BLOG).

Why are you laughing? What's so funny? Don't you all carry around print-outs of your blog posts with you wherever you go?

Sonic Youth "Diamond Sea"


Mr Angry said...

That is about the funniest self-outing I have read. I think I might tell someone I was turning tricks in back alleys for 5 bucks before I admitted I was carrying around printouts of my blog to show people. Love it!

carrie said...

i really want to watch all these videos... but will i ever find the time?