Saturday, April 15, 2006

YouTube usability errors on Blogger

Tonight I'm experimenting with YouTube embedded video players.

I decided to search for videos by some favorite bands: Caroliner, Atari Teenage Riot, Pavement, Joy Electric, Joy Division, the Fiery Furnaces.

Two very strange problems arose:

(1) Empty post templates.

After I successfully paste the video code into a new post template, title the post, and publish it, I cannot then go back and edit the post, as I can do with any other non-YouTube posts.

I can't remove the embedded player code, nor can I add any text to the post. The template appears empty. It's creepy and unprecedented.

(2) Deleted posts: not deleted.

[EDIT UPDATE: Sure enough, when I published this post, the Joy Electric/Joy Division post disappeared. Thus, it seems to have been a cache error.]

I made an error in the "i am made from the wires by Joy Electric" post. I pasted the video twice, and I also pasted in a video by Joy Division, "Shadowplay".

I wanted to have just one copy of the Joy Electric video, accompanied by the Joy Division video, for comparison purposes. I thought it was interesting that Ronnie Martin (Joy Electric) was gesticulating in an eccentric manner, since Ian Curtis (Joy Division) was famous for his strange movements on stage, influenced by the Japanese Noe puppet theatre, as seen in this video from 1978.

Due to problem #1, I was unable to delete the extra copy of the Joy Electric video. So I went to my Blogger Dashboard, and to Edit Posts, to Delete the post. Blogger message told me it was deleted. My Edit Posts page shows no "i am made from the wires" post.

But damn: there it is anyway. I can't get rid of it. Is this a local cache problem, or what?

[EDIT UPDATE #2: It now appears that Avant Browser cannot correctly Copy the embed code of YouTube.

I'll go back to Firefox, and try to embed those JE and JD videos in this post.]

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IMO, Xian said...

Have you experimented with Google Video? It seems to be exactly the same... but a little better. "Go Google," I guess.