Sunday, April 09, 2006

the void blue human CD speeds forward

Yes, that's right, unfortunately. My new electronic sound stylings CD, "The Void Blue Human", is on its way to existing completely. Last night, I composed and recorded two new tracks.

The Void Blue Human
steven streight CompuMusik
April 2006
[in progress]

(1) syncope scope (3:58)

(2) rays of clean living (14:48)

(3) floximizer (power mix) (7:48)

"floximizer (power mix)" is easily the closest thing I've got to a Stereolab clone-projection, an instrumental that, half way through, suddenly features, as mixed-down ambient perplexity, a guitar rock riff jam via ghosting.

"rays of clean living" is likely my most bizarre electronic work, using filter-flux, maxi-bang, and some vari-speed warping and vocoder insanities that baffle even me during playback audits.

"syncope scope" is a lightly lilting, super new wave, ornamental sound-collage beat, that has vast commercial pretentions, never to be even jokingly fulfilled.

All CompuMusik beta CDs are distributed fREE to aNYONE who emails mE a rEQUEST.

* cOMPUmUSIK: "the void blue human"

* cOMPUmUSIK: "assorted sound confusions"

* cOMPUmUSIK: "christian noise metaphysics"

* cAMOUFLAGE dANSE: "our sound"

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