Friday, April 21, 2006

The sand monster likes Nuclear Forehead

I just received in the mail today: the first CD by Nuclear Forehead, entitled "What it is!!", courtesy of Dave Gershman.

This is so good, even the sand monster (see photo above) likes it a lot. So you know it's worth:

(1) selling your arab-oil guzzling, terrorist-funding, unpatriotic SUV ...

(2) grabbing the smelly cash ...

... then (3) rushing out to the Nuclear Forehead site to order your copy right now.

Tracks: Intro, Nuclear Forehead, Paranoid Vision, Avalanche Lake, Three Mile Island, An Adventure, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Butter is Lipgloss, Invisible Man, Pompeii, Leaf on a Tree (Maybe I'll Change My Mind), Peroxide Brain Damage, Mel, Traffic Jam, Outtro, Lunar Radiation.

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