Friday, April 14, 2006

Peoria Pundit list of tech bloggers

My fellow Peorian, Bill Dennis, runs a city-focus blog called Peoria Pundit.

I thought I had blogrolled him, but somehow he slipped through the cracks. Taken care of today. Left a comment on his post about Anonymous Bloggers. (link coming in a moment)


It turns out that “Jubal” is a guy named “Matt Cunningham,” who is very much a political insider. He runs two different consulting businesses, and blogs under his own name at a different site.

The article details incidents in which the Jubal praised and linked to Cunningham’s posts. It all strikes me as somewhat dishonest.

There can be good reasons to be an anonymous blogger. Loss of one job is one reason. This guy IS the boss though. He seems to be leveraging one blog to promote another, and in some cases, promoting potential clients under the guise of being a concerned citizen blogger.


I agree with Peoria Pundit (as usual). Inventing a fictional character, giving him a blog, then making him praise and link to you? Pathetic screwed up BS...from (gasp!!) a politician!

Here's the Peoria Pundit sidebar list of tech bloggers.

Tech Bloggers

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