Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pacifist Manifesto

(1) All wars accomplish absolutely nothing.

(2) All warriors die in vain, for nothing.

(3) Wars are started by men, and are fought against women, children, other men, nature, art, and civilization.

(4) Spirituality demands pacifism. "Blessed are the peacemakers. Turn the other cheek." Jains, Buddhists, and real Christians are united in this dogma.

(5) "Just War" is like "just rape" or "just child molesting". There is no such thing.

(6) Citizens are 100% responsible for the government they allow to dominate them, and there are peaceful ways to fuck it all up.

(7) Nations are just projections and aggregates of individuals, thus a nation really can turn the other cheek, and not return evil for evil.

(8) Wars are never fought for "religion", "democracy", or "freedom". Wars are fought for oil, territorial expansion, racism, genocide, and money. No true religion expects you to kill others. Democracy and freedom are promoted by ideas and influence.

(9) Television and Hellywood movies glamorize guns, violence, authoritarianism, revenge, and hate. Thus, they must be reformed or abolished.

(10) All great metaphysical and philosophical teachers have advocated the Golden Rule and total pacifism in all situations.


insain in the membrain said...

i agree with the war one- i think it is so stupid- the gove or pres should like play chess or have a paint ball fight or something-

steven edward streight said...

I think it begins with parents.

Mothers and fathers should simply not approve of children joining the military.

Parents should not allow children to watch violent cartoons and movies, and should not allow them to play violent games, no toy guns, etc.