Monday, April 03, 2006

nuclear forehead blasts off!

I just got the new CD "Next Flight" by Nuclear Forehead in the mail today. A bright sunshiney day, a perfect day for receiving this music.

I had listed here at Vaspers the Grate some tracks by Nuclear Forehead in a "treasury" of free, legal mp3 downloads available at Amazon dot com.

Dave Gershman, the main force behind the music, contacted me by email, thanked me for listing his music, and asked for my land address, offering to send me his two CDs for free.

I emailed him my address, and promised that I'd send my two Steven Streight CompuMusik CDs and my Camouflage Danse compilation CD.

I'm listening to Nuclear Forehead now and it rocks along quite nicely. It reminds me of Guided by Voices, the Kinks, Rene Vis, and the Soft Boys. Dave often plays his guitar in a way that reminds me of the Byrds, that haunting indescribable mystical twinging that seems to soar 8 miles high.

You have to smile when you realize that there are people in this world who appreciate spontaneous, voluntary, free promotions, even in a limited way, and reward you with free product.

Thanks again Dave. Here's hoping that your musical career is successful and satisfying.

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