Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Music Links

Excuse me folks, but I'm moving things around on Vaspers blog.

I want to turn some sidebar listings into a separate post, then just display a single line of text as a link to the list. This will free up space in my sidebar, so it doesn't look so cluttered.

The way I'm achieving this: Copy the sidebar code for a list, Delete the list from the sidebar, Paste the list into a new post, Add a text link to this new post in my sidebar.

Music Map (find bands similar to the ones you already like)

YouTube (find favorite music videos, add them to your site w/embed player)

Pavement (Matador site)

Pavement lyrics

Pavement "Crooked Rain" lyrics

Rene Vis

Rene Vis (new)

Nuclear Forehead

Johnny Rotten/Lydon

Aaron Spectre DJ


Ambassador 21 speedcore

Live Sets/Mixes: RaggaCore Bands

Hardliner Recordings

Blackhouse Christian industrial band

Sleep Chamber pioneer industrial band

Death $ucker Records ragga junglist

Puzzling Music net label

Eddie the Rat avant hippie folk noise

Einstuerzende Neubauten: "Perpetuum Mobile" live Toronto 2004 [video]


René Vis said...

Hi Steven,

Hereby I'd like to inform you that I've placed all my music (including Human Love)on a new blogspot:

And I've made another one, with (as far as I know) hard to find music from others:

Greetings from The Netherlands,

René Vis said...

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your advices to my new blogspot. They're helpful and I'm gonna work them out soon.
By the way: Today I just put a video on the blogspot, that I made in 2004. It's not good enough in my opinion, but it's a start. Funny thing is, that we discovered youtube about three weeks ago. It gives great videos but also lots of crap.

Greetings for now,

steven edward streight said...

Thanks Rene. I'll add the new link to your blogspot site today.

My neck is so messed up from computer abuse (too much computing), I've had to drastically reduce the time I spend on computer -- from 12-18 hours per day, to about 3 hours per day.

René Vis said...

Hi Steven,

Yesterday I placed my finished video to "Space Machine" on YouTube. Further more I made some changes on my new blogspot. Still working On it. You can get the link to the video on http://renevismusic.blogspot.com/

PS I lost you e-mail adress.

Take care, so long, René

steven edward streight said...

Good, Rene. I will post your video today on Vaspers the Grate.

Music and universal democracy and blogs all seem to tie in and work together.

my email:

steven [dot] streight [at] gmail [dot] com

steven edward streight said...

Also see CAMOUFLAGE DANSE mp3s, free, at my post:

"Free mp3s: Inside & Andy Warhol by Camouflage Danse".