Saturday, April 15, 2006

most popular Swicki search terms

I have a custom search engine on this blog, in my sidebar. It's called Blog Revolution Search Engine and it's hosted by Eurekster/Swicki. I have to train it and promote my own posts, under relevant topics.

Due to my bizarre problem of the archive list not displaying on my sidebar, I must suggest you use my Blogger "search this blog" tool (top of blog) or my Swicki custom search engine (sidebar). Just type in whatever you want to know about.

(1) The Blogger "search this blog" tool only searches Vaspers the Grate.

(2) The Swicki custom search engine searches my sites and others, with emphasis on high quality sites like Micropersuasion, Scobleizer, Tom Peters!, Seth Godin, Gaping Void, Edelman, and Laura Ries' Origin of Brands.

Here are some of the most popular Swicki search keywords that people are entering into the text entry box, or clicking on in the tag cloud.

Most Popular
Search Terms
used on my
Blog Revolution
Search Engine

blog perfection: 57

blog secrets: 34

blog humor: 24

blogocombat: 23

blog history: 23

hardcore blogging: 23

blog tips: 23

blog neologisms: 22

blog content writing: 21

blog ethics: 19

New Super Blog: 18

triumphalist blogging: 15

New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network: 15

blog residue: 14

This information can help me determine what my readers are most interested in learning about or discussing.


Newsandseduction said...

I liked the style. Only putting forward an argument, no answers or resolutions. So the debate remains open? I too try to do something similar. As I have no answers, only the questions. Agree?

steven edward streight said...

I champion the spirit of discovery, exploration...and debate.

There is a difference between finding answers, or workable solutions, and being cruel, imposing Sharia law, or White Republican Conservative Patriarchal Psycho-capitalism, or Ku Klux Klan, or Sudanese genocide on people.

Christians speak of "Just War", while Christ said "do to return evil for evil, turn other cheek, blessed are the peacemakers". So the Christians, as usual, the Churchians I should say, are dead wrong.

But Christians and Muslims *both* have a horrible record of "conversion by the sword" (Crusades and Jihad), economic exploitation, violence against each other, women, children, black slaves, their own people, etc.

So to say "there are NO answers, ONLY questions" is a mysterious doctrine, a perplexing answer to "are there answers?"

There are answers in mathematics, ethics, technology, medicine, physics, economics, web usability, web design, effective blogging, etc.

My whole purpose with my blogs is to search for effective solutions to blog, web, social media problems.

Child safety from predators and molesters is a personal concern, for example, and most parents are incredibily stupid, lazy, unloving, and self-obsessed.

Thus, they say they don't want to "terrify" their children about kidnappers, but I say "Terrify them, now!"

I'd rather a small child be terrified of strangers, and family members, who try to seduce, touch them in private spots, take them away, etc.

There are proven answers to child abuse, war, rape, insanity, sickness, perversion, social inequity, religious "wars", etc.

But being dogmatic, intolerant, closed to other viewpoints and solutions is wrong.