Monday, April 24, 2006

mind art blogging

Mind Art Blogging is using a blog to project, to a global audience, the deep structures and focal points of your personality, purpose, and products. Since the blog is simply the canvas on which is painted the accumulated sum of the composed parts, the blog, in itself, cannot be wounded or derailed. It moves forward, time-sliding toward the target you see inside.

There can be no surrender or sundering blog from blog mission. The stage is set like steel in concrete. You are using a blog to succeed, your blog shall succeed, and there is no turning back. You see blogging as an art that you intend to master.

You notice that posts take shape in mind, and as mind begins to spew forth blog posts, a new and alien discipline has been introduced into your life. The blogging regimen of one post per day, on average, begins to set in motion an eruption that moves inscription to a seminal advantage.

You used to think and talk a lot. Now you think and type a lot. It's called blogging, and you know it has an uncanny power over you, even as it empowers something in you that departs from what it once held that it knew.

A mind art blog is a construction that, while facing the public, and open to reader input, has no external nourishment channels. You carefully modulate the root message as it undergoes the vicissitudes of the day, with your mental aim acting as your only viceroy.

In effect, your blog is a private expedition into wild and largely unknown territory.

If we consider our blog to be an integral, undifferentiated part of us, an arm of unfleshly action, a perplexed probe striking out beyond our human-physical location, we still grope in partial blindness.

But if we construe our blog as a tooled detachment, a drifting communication machine that represents only a limited abstraction, a sealed gesture unlocked by light from a communal sun, and thus, can hear a thud and not imagine it to be the sound of a guest leaving in amplified futility, we can rest at ease and carry on, even when the striving is greatly intensified by flames and foibles.

Your blog is a work of communicative art that you assign to accomplish a sporadic series of tasks. It is not obligated to mirror you in perfect detail or with any grandiose design of future fabrication. All a blog can do is be a space upon which to impress a scene that was you when you were there.


Robert Bruce said...

Baby, you need to teach a "Philoshopy Of Blogging" course a some Uni in the near future... I can picture jaws on the floor.

I love this stuff.

steven edward streight said...

I wrote this when I was so dead tired mentally and physically I could hardly keep my eyes open.

When I finished, I printed it out, and thought "I wrote this? what does it mean?"

If one understands completely everything one writes, its possible the mind is full of redundancies.

Sometimes I have to read one of my own sentences several times before it makes any sense at all. Yet I am not compelled to alter or delete it. I feel I must let it exist, and eventually I gain the necessary distance for clarity.

Thanks to gradual comprehension, I can explain and defend sentences that seemed absurd as I typed them, yet were inflexibly immobile.

carrie said...

this one was very nicely written

steven edward streight said...

Carrie: I had you in mind as I wrote it, as usual when I write what y'ou once called "elusive, cryptic" posts.

I think I'm largely alone in my attempt to merge deconstruction, dada, and blogology. Zafu called it "robo-poetics", which seems to be a good term for it.

Your complimentary remarks about my long ago have guided me all along. I especially like how you respond to comments: self effacing, never defensive, rarely argumentative, brief, pithy, entirely authentic, yet firm and unyielding to whimsical reader complaints or snide comments.

I am trying to write a post all about your blogging style, and how you exemplify innovation via your continual changes of avatar, blog design and colors, sidebar enhancements, blog title, etc.

Your use of art or photos in every post is a very good practice for sustaining interest and pleasing the audience.