Friday, April 07, 2006

make millions with social media

"Your new money-making schedule is enclosed." *

What does this mean? Why did it form the Subject line of a manual email campaign to A Listers? A message that promoted the

New Reformed Insane
Blog Media Network

a pseudo-cult that scared a lot of people?

A frighteningly absurd and futile gestural gestation network, that was itself in the very lucrative and easy, no-hassle but lots of bustle, business of selling

Psycho Online
Flame Fighters

whose motto was "Brains, blogs, and castration blades at your service, sir or madam!"

As it turns out, with all these measures poised to defend the ultra modern corporation and business entrepreneur, they still decided that playing offense against the entire thing, the internet, monetizing the formerly free, equal, and open market, was more in step and stipends now will flow and will be flown.

Didn't I warn you this was pending, on the way, washing up soon? A Tsunami Katrina Doomsday of the Commodity Net?

Today we are completely there, and you may be about to be GONE. For good. For better or worse, probably both simultaneously, the Internet, Web, and Blogosphere...are dead.

Didn't I tell you to print out your entire blog? If you value it? If others seem to or might someday, once they get smart and creative enough, value it?

Didn't I tell you about Internet2, InterPlaNet, dark and gray nets, electro-compu-telepathy, secret spectra, random frequency hopping, simple secret coding, and other non-internet, invisi-web, post-blogospheric strategies and techniques?

Didn't I try to get everybody to sign the Common Cause petition, even still now displaying a big ass Common Cause clickable ad in my sidebar?

Didn't I warn you that the free fresh air of online anarchy would not be tolerated much longer by the Powers That Pretend To Be? That the UN, Islamo-fascists, Demopublicans, Patriots, Rogue Regimes, or Unsavory Commercial Organizations will eventually license bloggers, regulate blogs, reform the whole online realm into their image, as yours just fades away, back into print perhaps?

Now is the time to hurry up and create, display, sell, give away free, and distribute Downloadable Products from Your Blog or Website.

It's time to transform your site into a vending machine, a paid content product dispenser, a money-making machine, a butler for your comings and goings, your looming immensities, future accouterments and...accouchements.

More on the accouchements later.

You may not exist (online in commodity internet) much longer, but please remember thish: the internet is just a niche. Mind contains and generates All and BEyond All.

Danger afoot digitally, flooding in like Lustful Luddites, barbarian hordes hoarding cash dung and power vomit, this mental digitalis, Has Now Appeared in All Its Loathsomeness...

NOW GOODBYE to the motherload and fatherland of the Commodity Internet, home to dot coms and rot bombs, boring trivia blogs and haughty corporate fluff, crabby web analysts and sweet marcom blog conferences...

UNTIL: the "social media" that governs and pervades the in our heads and hearts.

But, albeit these same heads and hearts we're supposed to have, they do fall down and bow in the clandestine presents of Big Brother and his Happy 1984 Cowardly New World Dystopic toothbrush dancers.

To be tiny, so small you could dance on the head of my toothbrush, tapdancing and moonwalking on the surface of the paste, not sticking, albeit heretofore unmentionable Resistance and Retaliation meatophysically.

"Telcos checkmate net neutrality. Bring on the mesh (or I'll move to France)"

By David Berlind, ZDNet Blogs

[QUOTE--Vaspers comment posted to this ZDNet post.]

The New Super Bloggers will continue to spread to the esoteric realms, and whole new connectivity spheres will proliferate.

With this lame move by jerk politicians pandering to corporate monstrosities, we have been set free from the temple in which we were enslaved.

Repression begets revolution, which spawns innovation.

Do It Yourself dark nets, and ultimately, the electro-compu-telepaths will reign supreme. When we can connect via a smirk or grimace that triggers a musculo-electrode implant and beams a signal from one micro-wave cooked brain to another...we will fly free meataphysically!

The Meta-tech Manster


* it means that (1) novelty is king -- "new" (2) upheaval is euphoric -- "reformed" -- and lends safety and stability to new ventures, the security of constant relevant and tangential change (3) "insane": the paranormal, abnormal, neo-blase, vari-purposed destination (4) "blog" [allegoria: social online media anti-seance trans-volution lycium] (5) via a constellagtion of platforms and UI {..."media"...} (6) ________ (noten gone)

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