Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter without eggs

Leaving behind the pagan fertility rites of egg, bunnies, and teeth-rot candy, I mean to wish everyone a politically incorrect Happy Easter 2006.


G. Randy Primm said...

this is a nice feature, but it's irritating that there is no pause/stop button.

really don't care for this new age christian music; it sounds weak to me, as i prefer real gospel, as performed by the likes of mahalia jackson or the blind boys of alabama, so what can you do.

gave up using my internet exploder, as it didn't block a very ugly spybot/ad-popup. spent about 10 hours editing and removing files from registry; weird scenes inside the museum.

to be blunt about it: microsoft wouldn't allow me to access their update site, my ie refuses to allow me to accept the activex control necessary for update to remotely examine my machine.

to hell with it.

thank the lord (it is sunday, after all) i had firefox installed, or i would sunk but good. downloaded all the security updates from ms via my firefox browser, installed, etc. what a pain.

u need to post some about the *absolute necessity* of your readers installing major virus/spybot/adblockers on their machines. mention that the corporate products, while good, are often bested by the wonderful shareware out there. not to mention ambitious evil hackers. is a righteous source, with very good tutorials.

anyhoo, happy egg day.

ps: for what it's worth, chris locke says he's commited to blogger (for sentimental reasons), and wouldn't even consider another platform.

steven edward streight said...

Mr. Primm: that is a nice comment, but it's irritating that you did not notice the pause and the mute buttons on the YouTube video player.

Not irritating, just kidding.


Anyway, on the bottom of the YouTube embedded player, at the far left is the PAUSE button, and at the far right is the MUTE button.

I once worked in a Christian bookstore, in the music department. I noticed that Christian music has gotten worse and more generic, while the music press is exclaiming how "good" it is.

Casting Crowns and Switchfoot are extremely popular, but intensely boring to me.

A huge movement in Christian music is Christian "Yelling Rock", where guys with lip piercings yell abrasively to old fashioned death metal riffs. About 20 years behind the times, as usual.

The only Christian music bands I cared for were Starflyer 59, Joy Electric, Poor Old Lu, Sara Groves (similar to Joni Mitchell/Carol King), Delirious, The Choir, The Prayer Chain, Discover America, Champion Birdwatchers, and a few others.

I can't stand churchy "praise & worship" music, with those mind numbing praise choruses, a stanza sung over and over and over again.

I prefer John Michael Talbot, monk who leads a hermitage called Little Portion (and was in Mason Proffit, recall "Two Hangmen Hanging on a Tree"?), Larry Norman, and Keith Green. I almost put a Keith Green video up, his famous song "Your Love Broke Through". Oh, and Andre Crouch in black gospel.

Almost every single Christian music CD has a self-centered, egotistic photo of the artists, usually on both sides. The bands have that snobbish, jaded, semi-sneering look, like they are blase, fame-weary superstars.

IE is a very vulnerable browser.

Firefox was crashing every 5 to 20 minutes, but it seems to be working better lately, so I use it almost exclusively, again.

But each browser has things it refuses to do. For example, Avant cannot accurately copy YouTube embedded video player code, to paste into a post. It chops off the last several characters in the code for some reason.

I think Firefox cannot recognize the blog post format tools of my TechRepublic blog.

When I finally, just a few weeks ago, downloaded IE XP SP2 (service pack 2), I had all kinds of problems, including Norton worm alerts, etc. I had to call MS help line to resolve the issues.

As I have said before, I often open 3 or 4 browsers (Firefox, Avant, IE, Opera) to get any work done. One crashes or freezes up/non-responds, so I switch to another browser.

I use Norton AV on my home PC. Have never had any virus, worm, Trojan, etc.

A few times, some family member sent me a huge, non-optimized photo file, via email, and it froze up the computer for hours. I had to manually shut it down, unplug it, and do some other work, I forget now.

The family member refused to send those photo files to my wife's computer at work, kept sending them to my home PC, so I blacklisted her. She cannot send any email to me at all now.

She just would not listen, which is disrespectful and stupid.

The photos turned out to be potentially criminal, too.

They were baby photos, some with the baby naked and in a very unseemly position, which law enforcement could consider exploitive.

Once again, we have stubborn parents who selfishly do things their way, heedless of law, common sense, and decency.

Non-bloggers and non-computer users don't have any idea what we go through.

But we are all pioneers. The problems we struggle with are paving the way to the technological future.

Now, if we could just demolish the myth of the Technological Imperative!

Newsandseduction said...

Happy politically incorrect Easter to you ae well!

chartreuse said...

I am sorry if I am partially responsible for you posting that video...

steven edward streight said...

Chartreuse: and what video do you think would have been better for Easter?

I just quickly searched "Easter" on YouTube, and this was the best thing I could find.

Although, I did consider a funny video about what the Easter bunny does the rest of the year--showing a person in a rabbit costume beating people up.

I rejected it, because I did not want to scare the little children.


carrie said...

i prettymuch generally don't watch videos when posted on ppls blogs... i HAVE, but it is not what i am after... necessarily.

i used to like christian music growing up, but the stuff i heard in my o.b.'s office was very repetetive.

growing up, i liked amy grant and michael w. smith

steven edward streight said...

Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith are two of the best in this genre. Smith has mellowed and lost most of his edge, but in the beginning, he was pretty wild at times.

It is tragic to see artists tone down and become generically conservative as they age.

It's like they want to sell the maximum amount of product, by appealing to a sedate, boring segment of audience, and betraying those who found joy and inspiration in their early innovative qualities.