Wednesday, April 05, 2006

free cartoons from dullest blog Dave

FREE cartoons for your blog? Yes, from Dave Walker, genius experimentalist blogger of The World's Dullest Blog!

We Blog Cartoons

Here's what he says in his FAQ...


Is it free to re-use all your cartoons?

In a blog, yes. In any other sort of publication, no.

Who drew the cartoons?

At the time of writing all cartoons on this site are by Dave Walker

Why are you letting us use your cartoons for free?

The more people that enjoy my work the better and life is generally too short not to give things away.

I’m also hoping that there might be people out there who might like my work so much that they pay to republish a cartoon or take an interest in one of my other projects, such as the Cartoon Blog or (Cartoon-based resources for churches). I also do some commissions, though it depends upon the project.

Why is it ‘We blog cartoons’? Are there plans to add cartoons by other cartoonists to the site?

I might invite other cartoonists, yes. I’ll see how it goes. Apart from that I liked the name and I speak in the third person to make myself sound more important than I am.

Can I make a donation?

If you’d like to that is always appreciated. In the UK you can send a cheque to this address, or donate via Paypal to dave(at) (I’ll add a proper button shortly)


Go to We Blog Cartoons to view the cool cartoons, and to read his few conditions of use.

What a guy, this Dave Walker!

He is a huge inspiration to little rotten crabby Vaspers the Grate!

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