Friday, April 28, 2006

blogging, a bodily function

Blogging, as a bodily function, transforms, in both positive and negative ways, the blogger.

Your body is what blogs. You blog with your eyes, hands, shoulders, head, spine, and other pieces of your physicality.


Yes, if you insist, your mind is there too, somewhere, possibly, in some cases.

But what really comes through is raw instinct flowing through language, expressed through your body's blogging behaviors, words inscribed by flesh (to enter and embody other flesh on the receiving end of the communication), and transferred to the screen via typing and computer commands, a material pounding and sliding and clicking, that speeds electronic messages through physical conduits to hubs and nets, eventually registering its ethereal substance in another person's physical eyes.

Blog discipline grows and groans within you, as the blog proceeds to take its self-installed place as a penultimate limb, a digital incarnation of a portion of you, while the physical you nods in placid agreement.

And your blog becomes a bodily function, something that seems as natural as nourishing or relieving yourself. Some blogs may exist as behaviors for nourishment or relief, but this is not recommended. The rude and common objects your blog may be exposed to, and pick up, in the form of harsh comments, tend to make a blog unsuitable for psychic gratification.


carrie said...

a blog is unsuitable for psychic gratification?

i doubt that.

can you expound?

steven edward streight said...

Psychic gratification via a blog is not plausible, due to flames.

I'm cautioning individuals to not think that a blog is just a fun, easy, fulfilling activity.

You may recall your expulsion from Blog Explosion when you questioned their methodology for determining blog popularity rank.

Then you critiqued mommy bloggers in general, and caused quite a little blogospheric commotion, with hateful comments galore.

Sometimes we have smooth sailing, other times we can despair, and feel like quitting. We have nothing to say. We regret many things already posted. We doubt it all and wonder why we keep at it.

Close to half of all blogs ever created are abandoned after 3 to 4 months according to Dave Sifry at Technorati.

Part of this abandonment rate may have something to do with false expectations, thinking a blog will make a teenager more popular, a marketing pro more respected, or a political idea more widespread.

Those who praise the "magic" or "power" of blogging can get as silly as the MSM's fear and loathing of blogs.

A blogging lifestyle is fraught with dangers, difficulties, and dilemmas.

While there may be some psychic gratification in blogging, it's really more like homework that is held up to the class so the other kids can laugh at it and proclaim how you don't know what you're talking about.

I've seen harsh comments, or the total lack of comments, cause a blogger to collapse, quit, and never be heard from again.

That's sad. It need not be.

carrie said...

i frequently find myself pondering that whole mommy blog thing and wondering what it was really all about.
i think i was just jealous.
either that or i wanted to see it done differently. my way.