Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blog Tools and Resources

CERT Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Web 2.0 Workgroup via Scoble

Tech MemeOrandum meme tracker via Scoble

Tailrank meme tracker

John Battelle's FM Publishing

Krugle software developer's search engine

WebMD health info

1938 Media video catalog (via Chartreuse)

Blogging Tips Archives Backbone Media

Dive Into Python FREE online book by Mark Pilgrim

Active Python FREEWARE: for AIX, Windows, HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris

geek.com Message Parlor

Awasu RSS/Atom Feed Reader

IT Today

JotSpot free wikis

OneStat web analytics

Blog Safety

Web Developers Virtual Library

Evolt! Web Design Community

Audacity audio editor freeware

IT Conversations: Blogging

"The Profession of Blogging" [podcast] Jeremy Wright/Darren Barefoot

"Dave Winer Behind the Mic" [podcast] 2004 (1:09)

"Syndication Nation" [podcast]

"XML Content Syndication--Beyond the Blogs" [podcast] Ito, Scoble, Kearney, Grumet, Reinacker, Pirillo

"Effective Political Blogging"[podcast] Searls, Barrett, Ratcliffe, Suitt

Extreme Tech Ziff Davis Internet

Consumer-Generated Media/Consumer Trust [chart] Intelliseek

Skype VoIP freeware


John Battelle THE SEARCH book on Google

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