Saturday, April 22, 2006

blog rocket

Your blog is like a rocket. You climb inside it and blast off. Where do you hope to go? What is your blog rocket pointed at? What is your intended destination?

Product sales? Ad revenue? Fame? Fortune? Industry leadership? Friendship? Romance? Book deals? Recording contracts? A blog media network that a MSM corporation will pay millions to acquire?

If your blog is merely a platform for self-obsessed blabbering, you won't get anywhere.

Great authors, artists, musicians, and poets did not create material that dealt only and endlessly with themselves. Sure, their feelings and ideas and experiences were in their creativity and their productions. But there was more.

A great blog has to deal with more than a movie you saw, or what you ate for dinner today, or why you hate your step-mother.

No famous author wrote only multiple volumes of autobiography. No popular musician composed only songs about himself. No genius artist painted only self-portraits.

Blogs, to be effective, must break out of the shell of self-obsession. You can quote other bloggers, link to external online sources, incorporate non-myopic elements. Blogs can contain, not just your private musings and mundane details, but universal appeal and global vision.

If all you care about, and blog about, is you...don't be shocked if few people read or post comments at your blog. If you invited a friend over for coffee, and they never asked how you were doing, never spoke of anything except their trivial personal crap...I'm sure you'd find them extremely boring.

Your blog really is like a rocket. Like a rocket, your blog could potentially shoot off into the sky and take you somewhere that's worth arriving at. But a rocket can't be directed at itself.

Your business blog can be used as a vehicle to contain and convey items that genuinely benefit people. You could explain your company and sharing with your audience an abundance of fascinating historical facts, bizarre anecdotes, interesting processes and ingredients.

Your personal blog could communicate lessons you've learned in life, valuable insights gained, or how-to tips pertaining to your skills, profession, or hobbies.

But if your blog merely mirrors your moods and meanderings, it's doomed.

What is your blog pointed at? Where is your blog rocket taking you?

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IMO, Xian said...

Blogging can also be an interesting excersize in writing. there's also a voyerism aspect, the theraputic by of revealing oneself by journalling online and reading such journals. A sneak, even though it is somewhat invited, into someone elses life can be interesting in itself, and is why Zoe Trope got famous. A typically crappy teen spouting about her life online, and she was succesfull without having shot for a particular orbit or moon. I haven't actually read what is now her book, though I glanced at her blog and saw that she is at least funny. It is only an assumption that she "succeeded" because she is a good writer.
Really, writing in itself, in any form, does not necissarily have to have a specific goal or audience in mind to be good or interesting.
But I'm just being contrary