Monday, April 10, 2006

blog residue in you

Have you been able to determine what your blog residue is?

I keep asking this question: what does blogging produce within you?

I mean: what good does blogging do for you as a person? What impact does your blog have on you? How has blogging changed your personality, skills, interests, relationships...outside the blog, away from the blogosphere?

What would your best friend or mother say? How do they think you've changed, due to your blogging? Do they see any change? If not, either you are a half-hearted, uncommitted blogger...or they aren't seeing you the way you really have become, but cling to the image of what they want to believe you still are.

Your answer to this question will determine how long you remain a blogger. What your blog deposits inside of you will determine what you do if you ever stop blogging

All bloggers stop someday. They become crippled from computer abuse, they have nothing more to say, they move on to other online platforms or communities, they depart due to boredom or cowardice, or they die a physical death.

But if you stop blogging someday, for whatever reason, what do you think you'll carry away with you from the experience of blogging? Anything?

Have you figured it out yet? What inner effects have you noticed, that are attributable to your blog? How has blogging changed you as an individual? How would you be different today, if you had never started your blog?

I call it blog residue. It's in you, whether you can describe it or not.

It's there. Lurking inside you. What is this residue composed of? Appreciation of other cultures and opinions? Narcissistic collapse? Egomaniacal aggression? Altruistic joy? Curiosity about other beliefs? Courageous self-expression?

You don't just put things on your blog. Your blog also puts things into you. Think about it.

Your blog residue: it's within you and it's what you keep, even if the internet, web, and blogosphere got deleted, wiped out, never to return. Even if you never printed out any of your posts, that blog residue is in you.

Do you know what your blog is you? That's your residue.

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