Tuesday, April 18, 2006

blog meditation: 17 questions

(1) Does my blog have a specific purpose...or is it just random chatter?

(2) Do I seek to benefit others in my blog...or do I just blabber narcissistically, selfishly, egotistically?

(3) Am I using variety in my blog...or just posting the same old shit all the time?

(4) Can I improve my blog's design...or am I satisfied with a generic template?

(5) Do I encourage readers to post comments, by asking questions and making strong statements...or do I just expect people to read and move on, with no interaction?

(6) Do flaming, critical, negative comments upset me...or do I see them as just type on a screen?

(7) Am I using my sidebar to display permanent content: my profile, contact info, ads, RSS, custom search engines, books, feedrolls, blogroll...or am I doing nothing with it?

(8) Does my blog have a definite focus, so certain companies, with relevant products, might be interested in advertising on it...or is my blog too vague, too personal, or too chaotic?

(9) Have I done anything lately to make my blog grow, change, expand, improve, evolve...or do I just publish posts?

(10) Do I post comments at other blogs, as an active member of the blogosphere...or do I selfishly expect people to post comments at my blog, with no reciprocity?

(11) Does my blog use cheap gimmicks, like nudity or opportunistically inflammatory post titles ("screw Microsoft")...or do I try to attract readers with quality content and nice design?

(12) Could I display podcasts, videos, games, music MP3 links, or other fun/useful functions on my blog...or do I wish to keep it a simple, text only blog?

(13) Do I post comments at other blogs to enrich those blogs with my expertise or anecdotes...or do I just argue with the blogger and other commenters?

(14) Do I refrain from harshly criticizing a blogger I like...or do I just shoot off my mouth, with no consideration of the blogger's feelings?

(15) Do I write my blog carefully, and substantiate claims with links to reputable sources...or do I just dash off any old thing I feel like saying each day?

(16) Has my blog gotten better since I first started it...or is it stagnating in the same-o same-o condition?

(17) Do I actively seek to improve my blog design, CSS, and HTML skills...or do I not care about the technical aspects of web content management?

Now it's your turn.

What other questions should bloggers ask themselves?

Post a comment and let me know your opinion.


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