Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Best and Bizarre of Blogosphere, again

Be in my new book! What new book? The book with the working title: Best & Bizarre of Blogosphere.

I plan to bypass the publishing industry, and compile a few books into a downloadable product, an ebook.

Some of my online ebooks may be free, while others will cost a small amount of money.

Do you have a post on your blog that you consider brilliant, or that has proven to be really popular? Did it piss off a lot of people? I want it! In my book! You'll be famous!...at least as famous as me, which is a matter of heated debate.

Submit that post URL via email to me. If you don't know what a post URL is, you're not geeky enough for me to mess with, sorry.

Here is the line up as of today:


RICHARD EDELMAN [unpublished essay "for the annual Edelman Trust Barometer brochure, which will be published as an insert in PRWeek on February 13th"]

"Blogging Style"JOI ITO [pending approval]

"The Brainteaser That Changed My World" DEAN ESMAY

"Some New Marshals in Town" JOE KATZMAN

"History of Weblogs" DAVE WINER [pending approval]

"Ten Blogging Hacks" STEVE RUBEL [pending approval]

"Blogging Enterprise Followup" JOHN MOORE

"How to Start a Blog" PHILLIP J. WINDLEY, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. Computer Science, Brigham Young U.

"How to Be the Blog Carnival Host with the Most" MIKE BERGIN

"Disrupting Venture Capital" JEREMY WRIGHT
(author of new "Blog Marketing" book)

"Branding is the key to success" LAURA RIES

ANINA Fashion Model Blogger on MoBuzz [video]

"Pigeons Blog" on MoBuzz [video]

"Anatomy of a Weblog"CAMERON BARRETT [pending approval]

"First Day" (07-11-97)CAMERON BARRETT [pending approval]

ROBERT SCOBLE[selection undecided]

KATHERINE STONE Decent Marketing [selection undecided]

SHEL ISRAEL Naked Conversations [selection undecided]



Tim Berners-Lee blog [pending approval]

"The uncouth vocal utterance of the people" PAUL MURPHY Managing Linux/ZD Net Blogs [pending approval]

"What's so cool about del.icio.us?" DAVE TAYLOR Intuitive Life Business Blog

The World According to LiveJournal


Yvonne DiVita said...

Steven, do you have permission from these folks to republish their work? It's all copyrighted. Without permission, you may be getting yourself into trouble. Just be careful. What you have is a good idea...but, only if the contributors agree. (you probably know that, right?)

steven edward streight said...

Yes, I am very careful about permissions, but thanks for caring enough to warn me.

Your concern is due to your professionalism and your awareness that people often play fast and loose with such things on the web.

I ask bloggers what their favorite post is, and they send me the URL to it, with permission...or they ask me to select something (reverse delegation).

I hope to add you to this book, too.