Tuesday, April 18, 2006

anonymous business blogs = no credibility

I visited a blog, that I discovered at Chartreuse, called Blog Republic today.

The blog seems to focus on how to blog effectively and how to monetize a blog. Too bad that it violates one of the most important rules of blogging. There are some nice posts there: short, well written, solid advice, good post titles, no clutter.

My problem is that it's anonymous.

Anonymous = "an" (without) + "onomos" (name).

A blog with no name behind it. A murky mysterious presence. A Shadow Blogger.

I have no idea who is writing it. It calls itself a group blog, or a blog media network, but it's quite odd that the authors and editors are UNKNOWN...not revealed.

This anonymous aspect pretty much destroys all credibility for the blog. Why would a business blog like this wish to conceal who's involved with it? Why the darkness? What are they hiding from?

I tried to post a comment, but you have to register/login just to post a comment.

This is ridiculous. I will not give my personal information to an anonymous blog, a blog that won't give me any personal information about the blog author.

Blog Republic won't tell me who they are, but they want me to tell them who I am!

The anonymous nature of this blog violates one of the most important principles of blogging: being upfront and transparent about who the hell you are!

So how can you trust a blog, when the blogger/bloggers will not reveal who they are, and what their credentials or backgrounds are? You can't. This casts doubt and suspicion over the entire operation.

I display, in this blog, who I am, and how to contact me.

Now I'll let you in on a secret, that's not really a secret. In my Profile page, I say my location is Antarctica. Wishful thinking, a joke. But if you look at My BlogMap in my sidebar, you'll see that I live in Peoria. So I'm not being deceptive, just being comical about living in Antarctica.

I also make it very easy to contact me: email, Skype, Google Chat...and, best of all, via comments you post here.

People go to a blog to connect with another real person. You expect to interact with, or at least read the thoughts of, an actual, identifiable human being. Blogs at their best are a means of having a candid conversation with another person, whom you begin to know, by way of About Me, Profile, Bio, and continued reading of their posts.

An anonymous blog is acceptable if you're a woman who is being stalked, if you live in a repressive country, or if you're afraid your boss might fire you if he read your posts. But you lose the blog core values of Authenticity and Transparency.

Few people will wish to have a candid conversation...with an Unknown and Unknowable Entity.


Pixie said...

What a completely shallow post, without merit. If you click on the about page, there's a link to the author name. Hopefully all of your posts aren't researched this poorly.

steven edward streight said...

Pixie Chick the Yellow Cat Lover:

(1) my post has plenty of both depth and merit, in that I speak of Anonymous blogging in general terms.

(2) my research is not necessarily 100% accurate, for I'm not perfect.

(3) that link to Darren the Funguide guy was NOT on the About page earlier today...I'm quite sure of that.

I would have seen the blue type of the hypertext link.

Now, either Darren the Funguide guy read my post, and quickly fixed his mistake...or I'm going blind and daffy.

I looked very closely, and was very motivated to find out who was behind this site and network. I did not see any link to Darren's Funguide page.

The link in Darren's name does go to a page, but still, the information is sketchy and not persuasive.

A "self-taught" SEO marketing person? Rather flimsy credentials, but hey, we all need to make a buck somehow, right?

Thanks for taking the time to "correct" me, and if somehow I really did not see the link, which is highly doubtful, I would apologize for this boo boo.

I just don't think that link was there, especially since it looks like it was added hastily, without sufficient paragraph space between it and the next block of text.

And it says Blog Republic is "primarily composed by" Darren. I did not see any other people mentioned by name.