Monday, April 10, 2006

Amazon SEO tips for Associates

Amazon dot com, one of the world's premier, pioneering, and popular ecommerce sites, has advice for new Associates, like me. I quote, with large omissions, the highlights or commands, of the text concerning Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

These are tips on how to attract and effectively inform web crawling spider, the search engine bots that accumulate web data for algorithmic ranking in a search results list of web pages relevant to a specific keyword or phrase submitted by a user.

Amazon > Associates Central > Tools & Other Resources >
Performance Tips > Optimize to Get the Most from Search Engines


Here are some specific things you can do to optimize your Web site:

* Get yourself a good domain name. [snip]

* Choose keyword-rich titles for your pages. [snip]

* Content content on your site. [snip]

* Leverage links. [snip]

* Avoid pitfalls. (Dynamic content on framed pages, hidden text, and irrelevant meta-data.)

* Be patient. Above all, remember to be patient! [snip]


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