Thursday, April 06, 2006

18 blog myths

(1) Blogs are online diaries, digital journals.

(2) Blogs are personal communications.

(3) Blogs are less reliable than professional journalism.

(4) Blogs are unedited, unfiltered, self-correcting chatter.

(5) Blogs improve thinking, communicating, and social media networking skills.

(6) MySpace is a blog platform.

(7) RSS/Atom feed syndication is non-mandatory.

(8) Anyone can blog.

(9) Blogs are the ultimate micro-web.

(10) Posts can be infrequent.

(11) Comments are optional.

(12) Blog design can remain static.

(13) Reciprocal commenting is not necessary.

(14) Blogs can make anybody rich if done right.

(15) Monetized blogs are capitalist sell-outs.

(16) Blogs began in 1998. [truth: 1992, Tim Berners-Lee "What's New" page]

(17) Multi-media, super-customized, hyper-interactive blog/vlog/audiolog hybrids for Web 2.0 won't bury the Luddite generic template plain text blogs.

(18) You can write however you want, by your own rules, in a blog...and be effective and scannable for hurried, distracted, impatient web browsing visitors.

[Special thanks to Paul Woodhouse for several key concepts.]


Jason Boog said...

I think you are right-on with this list of myths, and I think too many mainstream writers believe them.

I'm still a pretty new to blogging and I appreciated your criticism of ThePublishingSpot.

Jason Boog

steven edward streight said...

I have no criticism at all of The Publishing Spot, though I mentioned this name in connection with a "blogging is dangerous because of writing before you think..." concept that I disagree with.

I disagree with all but my own critique of blogs, bloggers, and blogging, thus, I have no allotment of forbearance to any other commentary on the topic.

If you say all blogs must be blue, I'll figure out a way to prove they must be green, for I aim at what is outlandish, out and a way aways from the land, the landed destination of no substance.