Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Your blog is your legacy

I was walking in the bright sunshine today, on my way to Nena's Hardware store, a few blocks away, to buy some Claey's Horehound Old Fashioned Candy to soothe my nearly laryngitis throat.

My granddaddy liked Claey's Horehound drops, so did my dad, and now I do, too. I will pass this acquired taste (it is similar to ice tea in flavor) on to my children and grandchildren, etc.

Naturally, being obsessed with blogging, I began to think about how our blogs are our legacy. If they last for centuries, as I hope mine will, in some form, even if a paper print-out, they might help people in the ultra future, long after we log off of this life.

I have decided to try to put some life insights into this blog now and then. I'm haunted by the Pavement song "Stop Breathing", where Stephen Malkmus says: "write it on a postcard: Dad they broke me. Dad they broke me."

If my dad was alive, he'd be giving me all kinds of smart advice. He was an engineer at Caterpillar, a laser specialist, an Army First Lieutenant, a pilot, a comedian, a sage, and a good friend.

But very little of his writing or thought exists on paper or in books or anywhere.
So I may even archive some of his wise sayings.

OT: thanks to Christopher Locke who told me to eat chicken noodle soup/broth to overcome my pneumonia. I forgot all about that home remedy.

PS: Avant Browser just cannot handle Blogger post templates. Acts very weird.

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