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Typical Web User Behavior


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Mar 11, 2006
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"[thelist] Tip: Share code without posting a 16kb message"

On 3/11/06, Max Schwanekamp wrote:

tip type: "Share your code without posting a big honkin' message to everyone on thelist"

When you have a problem or just want a second set of eyeballs, and you cannot give a direct URL, where fellow evolters might view your source code...

...rather than posting a "representative sample," just post the whole thing using

Pastebin takes code, applies syntax highlighting for a wide variety of languages, and creates a short-cut URL to it.

Post the URL to thelist, and those who are interested can go view your code on pastebin, and make suggested changes right there.

Then you can go back and use the built-in diff tool to see all thosechanges.

Max Schwanekamp

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I subscribed to both Evolt! and WDVL email discussion lists (individual messages, not digests), on my now impenetrable Yahoo email account. A few months ago, I was denied access to my account, and being too hurried and too busy, I simply abandoned it. I think it didn't recognize my Firefox browser, or a cookies problem, or whatever, who cares?

But I have a few semi-catastrophic errors on some of my web sites and blogs, mostly host server side, but a few are my own damn fault. I need "another, a fresh set of professional eyeballs".

I got Sea Snail, Karen Ruby, CyberGal, and others in my "virtual online staff advisors" to work on a few things, and I really appreciate everyone's help. Chris Ritke has also contributed some tech insights to Vaspers the Grate.

But I wish to have my web dev colleagues at WDVL and Evolt eyeball my template code on VTG and BCV in particular. The templates are mix and match hybrid jobs, with clashing, inconsistent syntax, definitions, and style. A CSS mess, if you will.

So now, with this Evolt! Tech Tip, which is how Evolt! makes members "pay" for posting an OT thread to thelist discussion forum, I can copy my template codes, and paste them in a bin where colleagues can view and critique them.

As a web usability analyst, I ape the behavior of typical users, though I am an early adaptor and beta tester.

In short, I am rushed, panic-stricken, overburdened, obsessed, nervous, angry, giddy, hungry, multi-tasking and/or unable/unwilling to follow instructions...

Typical Web
User Behavior:

* rushed information foraging

* hurried functionality locating

* distracted goal-diffusive focus

* absent-minded multi-tasking

Typical Web
User Intentions:

Your web site users, you must play it safe, rather than sorry, by assuming users are nearly always distractedly hunting for something:

* cool

* entertaining

* helpful

* immediately applicable

* answer-providing

* interesting

* amusing

* training in marketable skills or enjoyable functionalities

* smart & memorable

* well-composed: good writing and navigation

* aesthetically pleasing: nice, appropriate design

Keep user behavior, and intentions, in front of your mind as you design sites and I won't have to hate, flame, and abuse you. Thanxgst.


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