Thursday, March 09, 2006

Training my new employee named Swicki

It takes a bit of work and time to train my new employee, Swicki.

But Swicki learns fast, and is easy to get along with. Swicki is my new customized, community driven search engine aka Blog Revolution Search Engine.

I train Swicki by typing in a key phrase, like "Blog Culture". Then I examine the results page. I command Swicki to produce an unpaid "sponsored link" to my post "Blog Addict Early Warning System", and it places this at the top of the search results page.

If I want a link on the search results page to be moved up higher, I can tell Swicki to elevate the link. When I see a link that I don't approve of, trust, or like, I can tell Swicki to delete it. Once when I did this, I got a message that the web site I deleted has also been flagged as an irrelevant site, by other Swicki users.

This is very cool, this sense of community centered around the proliferation of customized search engines! You can do it, too. It's very easy, based on the 1-2-3 step simplicity of Blogger, Firefox, and other fine software.

You make as many custom personalized search engines as you wish. You just make up a title for it, and list all the URLs you want users to search when they type in a search word.

For example, my Blog Revolution Search Engine lists such Vaspers Trusted & Approved Sites as:

* Ensight
* Tom Peters
* Doc Searls
* Jakob Nielsen
* Slashdot
* Edelman
* Photomatt
* Scobleizer
* John Battelle
* Blog Business Summit
* Jason Calacanis
* David Weinberger
* Deming Org
* Diva Marketing
* Cluetrain Manifesto
* Gaping Void
* Ad Rants
* John Hagel
* Big Blog Company
* Seth Godin
* Joi Ito

...and other reputable, good information sites.

So, when you use my Blog Revolution Search Engine to locate articles on "Blog Culture", "Blog Content Writing", "CEO Blogs", "Blog Psychosis", "Blogosphere", "Blogocombat", "Blog Basics", "Business Blogging", or whatever you wish to know more about, you won't get a results list loaded with spamdexing.

You'll see a list of links to authoritative bloggers who speak with great insight and proven experience. While the links will naturally vary in specific relevance, quality content, and timeliness, the blogs I trained Swicki to spider through are of extremely high quality and well written.

Have fun. Try using my Blog Revolution Search Engine. It's not very far down my sidebar on the right. Then go make your own custom search engine Swicki. It is really simple and easy.


steven edward streight said...

This comment from Swicki/Eurekster via email re: an email I sent them.

I praised Swicki and asked why my Blog Revolution Search Engine was not appearing in their directory under Computer category I had selected.


Hi Steven.

Thanks for your feedback, praise and for making us look good in your community (very nice implementation).

I’ve reviewed your swicki – good balance of relevant and irrelevant URLs – and made it visible in our directory.

Have a look and please get back to us with questions and/or suggestions.

All the best,



Now, Swicki seems to be clearly superior to Rollyo, and Swicki includes a tag cloud (or "buzz cloud") as an added benefit.

People are interested in what other people think and do, a natural curiosity, that marketers do well to remember.

Why, though, is it "good" to have a mix of relevant and irrelevant Search Results URLs, when a search on a keyword/keyphrase is done?

Is "training" the Swicki supposed to be a game, an exercise, or a mandatory aspect of implementing a custom search engine?

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