Monday, March 27, 2006

the sneaky parade of mandatory innovation

it's like a sneaky parade, a seen invisibility, an unrealizable reality. and it goes against everything, makes it all worse, for a short while.

the fizzling out of the Shasta Plane of the saha-world, where all non-events occur.

[photo: Darby Crash of pioneer 1970s punk band The Germs]

corporate revolution is customer creation of product and marketing, as the company steps aside, to simply monitor, evaluate, and strategize. into a sprawling dominance, the idea grows ahead of the thought, the voice ahead of the speech, and the miraculous lingers there.

the technologically challenged, the malingering reluctants, future-phobes, removed voluntarily from the now, the new, the emerging, these are the already dead, grim in their self-anointed task of bearing a striking resemblance to vaporware walking.

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