Saturday, March 11, 2006

sign the anti-media giants internet petition

My blog ally MaryBeth of The Desert Day by Day fame sent me the link to this:

Media Giants to Privatize Our Internet - Support a Free and Open Network

Dear [CEO],

I support network neutrality, and I am dismayed by comments made by your executives recently indicating they want to see dramatic changes to the way the Internet operates.

[your comment here]

Net neutrality is the reason this democratic medium has grown exponentially, fueled innovation and altered how we communicate. For-profit interests should not be allowed to destroy the democratic culture of the web.

I strongly urge you to oppose policies that permit network operators to block, impede or interfere with any lawful Internet traffic, now or in the future.


[your name]
[your address]

You'll see that petition signee #4,413 is steven streight. My message to the media conglomerate CEOafs is this:

We will flee to Internet2, Interplanetary Internet, or Darknets, and bypass your commodity internet altogether, if you try to control and exploit it [the current internet]. Think very carefully about backlash and retaliation from less principled bloggers and IT guys. I hope you make the morally right decision.

1 comment:

MARYBETH said...

Thank you for posting this. So often it feels that Corporate entities are successfully destroying all viable signs of an existing democracy