Friday, March 24, 2006

print out your blog if you want to keep it

If, as predicted, a Tsunami Katrina devastation sweeps through the internet, in the form of a Distributed Reflected Denial of Service (DRDoS) attack, or similar catastrophic wave...

what will you feel like?

With no more internet, no blogosphere, no web. Your blog deleted forever, all of it, with no way to ever recover it, not in any cache nor in the Way Back Machine of the Internet Archive?

What you be like without a blog anymore? Have you ever thought about that? I have, a little. I don't like to think about it. I get frustrated when I can't connect to the internet on rare occassions--it feels like I'm dead, a digital ghost without mooring.

Hideously unleashed, my freedom from computing hurts like a mortal wound.

Here's one solution: print out your entire blog. All of it, from the very first post. I've done it, almost. I print out each post as I publish it, but I have neglected to do so for a few weeks here and there.


If you want to keep your blog, a memory of it, a proof of its existence, print it out. All of it.

If you don't do that, why? Is it not worthy of printing out? Then why do you keep at it, if it amounts to nothing, not worthy of toner and paper, not deserving of existing in hard copy, in physical materialization?

What does that say about your blog?


carrie said...

i'm not sure i agree with printing it out.

if it could be free to do so and be done in color, maybe... but my blog would lose something in the translation, i think....

steven edward streight said...

Just be aware that a Tsunami could sweep through the internet and destroy everything, then there would be no record of any of your blog, ever.

All digital information is transitory, not permanent, dependent upon external props.

Unlike a book.

Harvey Dog said...

I've thought about the possibility of losing all my blog entries (are we paranoid? egotistical? or just being practical?), and I'm planning on showing all the entries for the month, edit/select all, then paste into Word and save it to cd (as well as my desktop). This way, the info is not dependent on a connection to the internet.

Of course, I still haven't done that yet...but soon.

carrie said...

it's scary to think about losing it.

Shimizu said...

I don't know ..I don't really feel differently about it than the journals I kept back when I was in school, the pen & paper kind. I have no idea where they are now, probably in the trash, or some box somewhere in some basement. I do regard it with a sense of 'loss' but not earth-shatteringly so.

I also think part of what makes blogs unique *is* that they are transitory, not permanent, and dependent upon external props. A lot of the blogs I read online I would never pick up if it were in a published book form, even if it *were* free. The electronic digitalness adds an element, the ability to click on everything and go everywhere and follow the trains of thought through to other sites ...if you lose the connectivity, you lose something about the blog. Its almost ...spiritual? For lack of better word ;P